plugins and errors

  1. Demure_Hero

    Tutorials & Included Plugins are missing

    To whom it may concern: I downloaded RPG Maker MZ a few days ago. I am looking foward to learning how to use it. I am already down to 18 days on the trial. Sadly, the Tutorials and included plugins are all missing from the download? Or maybe they are just not showing when I open the program? I...
  2. lawlietorochi

    RMMZ Guys I really need help!

    Hi guys, I'm working on an ambitious project all by myself, I purchased a lot of dlc's and plugins for this purpose. But today when I go to work these errors came up and I have no idea why, I don't edit plugins and I don't even know how to use them, I just install and change parameters in...
  3. void_of_the_mind

    RMMV TypeError problem

    Hello all, I've stumbled on an issue with a TypeError. I recently was fiddling with some events but nothing major, and now i'm getting this every time I try to playtest: This error pops up every time and I cannot really determine it's source. These are the plugins I am currently using: I...
  4. Klimber

    RMMV Problems with displaying the quest book: "Dark screen" in the mobile version [RPG Maker MV]

    Hey! While working on one project, there was a problem after porting a game from a PC to a phone. The game uses the Yanfly_Quest Jornal plugin. On the PC, when the "Quest" option is selected, the task is displayed normally (see screen 1). With the same actions on the android (in the web \ apk...
  5. RMMV How do I fix the positioning glitch

    Hello, I am trying to create an RPG game using Yanfly's Plugins and at some point, my sv_actors battlers are positioned all the way up on the screen. How do I change the positioning of the characters so that they are in the middle?
  6. Tippiexd

    There is a specific plugin I want for Message Sound by Yanfly - I can't find how to download

    Here's the link of what I want: It doesn't have an option to download it alone, so I bought the pack as per the only available download link (within those two pictures). I'm aware on how to use plugins, I've been using Message...
  7. EAP

    Lots of issues and Such

    So I am using an upgrade item system and when I go to upgrade using said item this pops up. I am a bit confused by this list of errors since before I never got these errors. So if anyone has a clue what is going on that would be wonderful haha.

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