1. RMMZ Visustella Lighting Issue

    Hello! I’m working on a project and have Visustella’s Lighting Effects installed. I have all my plugins properly ordered Tier 0-4,etc. It’s my first time using this particular plugin so I tried the example on the Wiki, saved my file, started a new game, and no lights. I then turned intensity and...
  2. RMMV Yanfly 1.6.2 not working on MV?

    Hello Hello! Not sure why, last time i used RPG MAKER was like last year. I had all the YEP js. bought and everthing was working fine. I do not remember what version i was using at the time. I wanted to get back in the action but none of the js. from Yanfly work at all. I tried on fresh...
  3. SpyroFan67

    RMMV (Simple) Item Combination Plugin For MV?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know of a plugin for MV that easily allows you to combine two items to make a new one? Like, I know there's an "Item Synthesis" plugin for MV by Yanfly and I do have it, but I can't figure out how to properly use it; it's too complicated. Then again I could search the...
  4. MelonFlavoured

    RMMV Issues with plugins in TypeError

    Hello! i recently started developing a game in rpg maker mv and this is also my first time using this site! hopefully im doing everything right! but anywho id really appreciate if someone could help me out on figuring out how to solve this TypeError. i think its related to plugins...
  5. socks

    RMMV Conflicts between MOGHunter Battler Motion plugin and custom animation script.

    Hi, I've been using ChatGPT to create scripts that animate enemy sprites during in-game battles. Specifically, I have a script that produces a "scaling" animation, causing enemy sprites to increase/decrease in size before attacking, making battles feel more animated. But MOGHunter's...
  6. Need help for sleepy tileset

    I am trying out UltraMode 7 and I have configured everything according to my needs, but I cannot find solutions for "flattened" objects. I have seen many people do it, but because of my poor English I cannot find explanations on how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Making_JRPGs_with_AI

    Increase Tile Size Above 48x48 - New Plugin Needed? Any work arounds?

    I recently purchased RPG Maker MZ with a bunch of the DLC to help me get started with my first JRPG project using text and image generation ML models. I really need to increase the maximum tileset size - I'm going to be creating hopefully beautiful high resolution character and enemy sprites...
  8. AquaEcho

    RMMZ List of Free Alternatives to VisuStella Plugins

    This is a work in progress list of completely free alternatives to VisuStella plugins. I prioritized English language plugins, or at least plugins with English in the plugin help file (green entries), and completely free for both noncommercial and commercial games. If a plugin is only in...
  9. Plugin controversy

    The issue at hand concerns "stolen codes" or similar matters. In the world of game development, virtually every game draws inspiration from others. If the pioneers of turn-based RPGs had declared, "No one can emulate us," it would have stifled genre diversity to this day. The same principle...
  10. BattleAngelAyame

    I found out how to get the preview pane in File Explorer to work without opening a .js Plugin

    Microsoft PowerToys: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/microsoft-powertoys/XP89DCGQ3K6VLD?hl=en-us&gl=US So I got bored and decided to find out if there was a way if I can preview .js file on file explorer and I found an app that actually works, although the max file size that you can preview...
  11. Polaris_First_Star

    My First Game - Help and Suggestions (RPG Maker MZ)

    So, after almost 5 years of development, I guess asking for suggestions/help is a must at this point. I am currently creating a game based on the first act of my book (around 150 pages, whole book is 1060) and, tbh, I have been creating many, many things with by only using free stuff, especially...
  12. Ancient_Eagle

    Error when I deploy Android (MV)

    Hello everyone! I was very happy when I am deploy android, and it's all thanks to him (Even I don't understand what he said, but I did just like what he did), but I got error when I want to test the game, see the issue of plugins I really don't understand what kind of problem, when I deploy as...
  13. Plugins

    Hi, newbie here again. I'm in need of knowledge on how to create custom stats I.E. Dualwielding 1/10 Seems some of my friend said possibly a plugin but where do I find the right one :O
  14. S3mz

    Who has used GPT plugins? I'm building an improved solution

    Hey everyone! Anyone used any of these GPT plugins to try integrating AI responses into your game events?: - https://aokikotori.com/archives/2023/04/17/826 - https://plugin-mz.fungamemake.com/archives/1818 After playing around with them extensively for a few months i think that there are...
  15. slayer2

    Several plugins created by my

    Several plugins created by my Slayer2 Introduction Hello everyone! I've developed several plugins for RPG Maker MZ based on the needs of my own project, and I thought they might be useful for other creators. While I'm not an expert programmer, I've crafted each plugin based on my own ideas...
  16. SpyroFan67

    RMMV Day And Night Real Time Plugin? (Solved)

    Hi guys. Just so you know, I won't be posting any new discussion threads until October....I'll just be giving comments and feedback on other people's posts and helping them if they need it for a while-but occasionally I will ask for help on stuff with my games. Alright, now that that's out of...
  17. MrPepeLover44

    RMMV Having trouble setting up pseudo-ABS combat with Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hi there! My game is not ABS combat based, but I wanted to include a little dungeon where it turns into a bullet hell just for the fun of it. I was trying to set it up using Yanfly Self Variables and Switches and the Galv Map Projectiles plugins, a bit like this: Phew, sorry for the...
  18. Trevaz

    RMMV Somebody help me with this plugin?

    I found this interesting plugin from @Zero_G however, I would like it to be activated with a plugin command instead of a button, can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the plugin to make it work that way? //=============================================================================...
  19. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ Visustella - 8 Waves Plugin Issues?

    Hello everyone. I have recently purchased the 8 waves bundle deal from Visustella. Unfortunately, I am now running into a small issue with some of the plugins. I am currently trying to set everything up, but when I open up my RPG Maker Game I get this issue and I am not entirely sure what the...
  20. Callan1990

    RMMV Looking for a HUD Kill Counter

    Hello! I am looking for a plugin that can recreate the kill counter display like in the Champions of Norrath PS2 game. I found many plugins that allowed tracking your kill count with variables but nothing that is similar to what I am looking for. I used a picture event but it wasn't great. See...

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