1. billocity

    Yanfly Skill Learn System - Learned Skills Not Showing Up

    Hello, I'm having trouble with Yanfly's Skill Learn plugin. The skills show up find in the learn window and I'm able to learn them, but they don't show up as usable skills once they're learned. I'm not sure what the problem is or how I can show a screenshot since there isn't an error message. If...
  2. dombo813

    check for filled equipment slot, + Actor sprite based on equipment?

    Hi there I have two questions: First, is there a way to check whether or not the player has a certain equipment slot filled, rather than a particular item? For example, lets say I have a combat arena that will only allow the player to enter if their Character 1 has no weapon or accessories...
  3. billocity

    Syntax Error on Battles

    Hi, I'm getting the dreaded Syntax Error Unexpected Token in my battles since adding a couple of new Yanfly plugins. It happens when an enemy or hero makes an attack in battles (weirdly, it works just fine if I guard instead of attack). Here's what my plugins look like now. I thought it might be...
  4. Hikitsune-Red

    Hikitsune-Red's Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins - NEW: A PH_Warehouse Edit = ^~^ =

    Plug-Ins! by @Hikitsune-Red RED_RandomLoadingScreen RED_SetRegionId PH_Warehouse (edited by me to allow renaming capabilities and randomized items) Terms of Use (can also be found in-file) - Free for non-commercial and commercial use - Just give me some minute...
  5. Tr4sh-C4n

    My project is doomed ! (Crashes and errors...) Need help !

    Hello ! Tr4sh-C4n's here with another problem. I'm working on my plugins-related project for long now, but I never had a problem this huge with Yanfly's plugin ! Here is the thing, with all my plugins ON, the game will crash after 5 sec of walking or by starting a battle, with this bloody Type...
  6. Updating variables after battle.

    HI all! I am trying to make my game work with Gameus's Quest System, and for now, it works like a charm. However, there is one problem regarding gathering quests. I got these really MMO'ey gathering quests in my game that involves getting certain loot from monsters you encounter. It is quite...
  7. Anyone Know How to Export Plugin Settings?

    Preface: Something is wrong with my main project and Counter Attacks just flat-out don't work anymore, no matter what. Even after disabling ALL plugins, the default game mechanic for Counter Attacks is just broken. It makes no sense. I copied the JS files from a fresh project over, I disabled...
  8. Shop discounts?

    What I am trying to do is set up a class that will increase gold drops from battle, and lower item costs at shops as well as increase sell price of items. Is there any plugins or anyway of doing this? I already use yanfly plugins for the classes, but can't seem to set anything up to control shop...
  9. jet_black

    Plugins and Features for LifeSim/OpenWorld Game

    Hello guys, for some time I was tinkering with the thought of starting to work on a project of a Life-Sim / Open-World game. Of course not something like Skyrim in Rpg Maker or stuff like that. I´d like to develop a game that takes place in a small modern village/town. There are no...
  10. Vaelen Nox

    [Tool] PluginAssistant

    Hello everyone, I have developed a little program for better plugin management because great guys like Yanfly are flooding us with good plugins for free but the DropDown-Menu in MV is not quite the best solution. But pictures say more than words, so I hope some people are pleased. The program...

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