1. FiercestPixel

    Mogs Chrono ABS and Yanfly's SelfSw/Var plugins

    Hey there. I'm wondering if somone fluent in java would know of a way to make Yanfly's SelfSwitch/Var plugin and Mog's abs system compatible? Maybe a script to turn off yanflys plugin before the enemy dies? I believe mog's abs uses hidden self switches to show when an enemy dies. The error...
  2. Plugin Requests

    Hi everyone, I didn't see anything about this in the rules. I'm just curious if there is a place I can inquire about plugin commissions, paid or otherwise? Hopefully this is allowed. Thanks.
  3. Xyonel

    about plugins and internal configuration

    Hey, I'm wondering if plugins can create permanent bug in some areas of rpg maker, cause working with a triple triad plugin inside a list full of yanfly scripts has gone crazy. i tried to reset plugin, turning off, re-copy original triple triad and testing, the graphic is unaligned. some values...
  4. Xyonel

    Counting digits of a number

    Hey guys and ladies, today I ran into a problem using <before eval> inside a skill(rpg maker mv) using skill core plugin from yanfly, of course. My problem is relative of a lack in competences about javascript where I must compact a script that read every target statistic(example target.hp...
  5. Jomarcenter

    [VSCode] RPG Maker Javascript Snippet for plugin developement

    NEW Version 2.0.0 with minor tweaks for MZ plugin developers! The semi-Complete snippet for the RPG Maker MV and MZ plugin development snippets for Visual Studio code Make your necessary parameters easier as well making setting up your plugin in a snap Features And planned: Complete...
  6. Xyonel

    free movement(not 48px compatible with yanfly plugins?

    Hello there, I'm using a lot of yanfly plugins and wondering which is the best(in order of compatibility) free movement plugin. for free movement plugin I mean a mov plug that is not bound to rpg maker grid, I'm using rpg maker MV. Thanks
  7. Recreate "Battlefield Abilities"

    Hi guys So I was wondering if there is any way to create abilities that affect everyone on the battlefield in the same way some pokemon abilities work. If you are not familiar to them, there are some abilities that create an effect on the battlefield that affects all active battlers (even if...
  8. VHackett

    New here, need help with visual (weapon) equipment.

    Ahead of time, not sure if this is posted in the right area but if not I am sorry. I am the guitarist for the band ODISSIA I've been messing around with maybe making us a game to go along with a concept series. I have been using the QABS ABS system and honestly it's been doing great, but...
  9. Showing Current level with HUD Maker

    Can someone help me with the HUD maker plugin? I do not know what the js for showing current level is and kinda struggling in this...
  10. marbeltoast

    How do I update "Project Files" (Yanfly Options Core) <RESOLVED>

    Hello All! I've run into a bit of a puzzle. I'm trying to add Yanfly's Options Core plugin to my game, but when I run a playtest with it on, it doesn't work. I also get a notification telling me to come to these forums, but it doesn't lead me to or tell me which thread I'm supposed to go to...
  11. PixelBoy360

    -SOLVED- Yanfly "Libra Skill" either doesnt work, or "it has no effect"

    I tried out the code from the libra tutorial and either nothing would happen. or If I redid it in a new project it would say, "It had no effect". So is my plugins out of order or is something conflicting? Here is the plugin list.
  12. Having issues getting Yanfly Quest Journal to work

    Greetings, RPG Maker family. I'm having issues integrating this very useful-looking plugin into my game. For starters, using just the Quest Journal (with the Core Engine of course), it does not seem to automatically place a Quest menu command in my menu list with Items, Equip, Status, etc...
  13. waterrune

    How to make android rpg maker game fullscreen landscape?

    Hi when i create android apk file from rpg maker mv game, it produces a small portrait half screen mode for me and not like what was advertised as full screen landscape for the game. Anyone got plugins or can help to make the game full screen landscape for android apk file?
  14. Poryg

    #3 - introduction to window types

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 3 of the series is now up. As the title says, nothing fancy will happen, it's just an introduction to the window types of MV and their main differences. Also it contains an explanation to the problem we had in the previous episode, where I tried to draw images...
  15. Frogboy

    Older scripts that never made it to MV?

    I was just curious about this. Every now and again, I hear someone on here mention a VX or VXA script that they loved but was never reprogrammed as a plugin for MV. I thought it would be interesting to hear about these nearly forgotten scripts, what they did and maybe a little bit about the...
  16. Mask_Kalven

    Plugins not appearing in the Plugin manager

    The title says it all but I'll explain it again. I'm using RPG Maker MV, and the thing is I downloaded plugins from Yanfly plugins and others as well but when I placed them in the folder and opened the project, they were gone. I checked again and the plugins were in the js folder of my project...
  17. Modeko

    Rpg_core.js issue

    Hi all! First of all I hope this is the right forum. If not, please let me know and I will move it. I have encountered a problem that I've isolated to a rpg_core.js plugin issue. I've turned off all other plugins except the other rpg vanilla plugins and even then I still get the same: black...
  18. FeliPereira97

    Problems with Android deployment & plugins

    Hi, sorry if in wrong category, thought this one fits. I have a project that works perfectly fine on PC, but when I try it on mobile (for which I'm specifically building it), many bugs occur. Some changes I've made won't appear, the first spash screen is the original one, not the one I've...
  19. Poryg

    #2 - change scene, custom scene, custom window

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 2 of the series is now up. As the title says, I'll show you how to change a scene through code, how to create your custom scene and how to create a custom window. As a bonus, in the video there's shown how you can map custom keys. Required: An IDE (some of the...
  20. Poryg

    #1 - introduction to MV scripting

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Since Soulpour has deleted his videos, there are no real MV scripting materials, so I've decided to fill the place. Unlike my PIXI DIY series I am going to take this from the ground up to make it as non-niche as possible so that more people can benefit from it. In this...

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