1. void_of_the_mind

    Animated Battleback GIFs

    I wish to make animated backdrops for one of my games but I am currently having trouble working with the Plugin. This is the plugin I'm using: I am still tinkering with the method that plugins work, given that this is the first time...
  2. KrimsonKatt

    Help With Dark Knight Skills

    Hello. Right now I'm working on Generic RPG Quest 3 and trying to make all the blue magick spells. (Enemy only, you can't learn them... yet!) One of the enemies is a dark knight similar to the class dark knight from Final Fantasy and the Bravely Series. One of the final bosses is also a...
  3. Can't figure out Mog battle HUD

    hello! I am very new to RPG maker (I'm using MV specifically) and these forums so if I post in the wrong place or ask stupid questions I'm sorry. This is probably a really dumb question but I cant quite seem to figure out how to implement this plugin. Link...
  4. Lucas7eixeira

    events vs. plugins

    In my actual project I have a lot of plugins, some of then I can implemente with common events, like the time/weather that I have two option: one I made with only a few common and map events, the other option is to have 2 plugins "MOG_TimeSystem" and "MOG_WeatherEX". The difference between the...
  5. JRand

    Yanfly Event Chase Player and Galv's Diagonal Movement.

    Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin and Galv's Diagonal Movement plugin are incompatible when the latter's diagonal mouse movement feature is set to true. However, I require diagonal mouse movement for my game. I am currently achieving event chase for on-map encounters without Yanfly's Event...
  6. JRand

    A working plugin for using Holder-style sideview battlers in MV?

    I am using the Medieval PVG spritesheets. Currently, I've been using Yanfly's animated SV enemies, which worked perfectly for the MV-style sheets. But, not the Holder ones, obviously. I've tried Yami's Sideview Battler plugin. It does allow Holder-style sheets to work, but in turn, it breaks my...
  7. JRand

    HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue Problem.

    I'm using HIME's Level Up Events and Common Events Queue plugins. I need to keep the latter because it's necessary for sprite alternations based on armor equipped. However, now that I have installed the latter plugin, my level up events are messed up. I had a variable set to game data for my...
  8. GreyWolfVino

    Can you event to turn a plugin on or off?

    Hey fellow game makers, I was wondering if it were possible to event a plugin to be turned on and off? I am trying to implement a easy and hard mode but it depends on if a certain plugin is set to on or off at that moment. Anyone that can help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
  9. JRand

    Custom Cursor Plugins.

    I've tried the TDDP mouse system, but it doesn't work the way I need (or at all, and messes up plugins I need more). I've tried QTouch, but it loses the cursor when you move the cursor outside the window. What I need is a mouse cursor plugin that lets you set a custom default cursor and then a...
  10. Adding Events to Sprites

    Hey guys, sorry of it sounds like a noob question but I am new to all of this (started working with RMMV 2 days ago) and I can't really find a solution to my problem. I'm working on a point and click game using the Mouse System Ex plugin and I activate all my events by clicking on the tiles...
  11. Maximum plugins

    I can't add more plugins to my project than they're slots when you open the plugin window, but I've seen many youtubers have much more slots. Simply right clicking and pressing edit substitutes one plugin for another. No info on that problem seem to me that I'm a massive dumb, please help me :(
  12. Another Galv's map projectile predicament

    Hey guys, so I'm having a little bit of trouble with this plugin again. What I'm trying to accomplish is basically a game where the player goes around a dungeon, lighting individual torches and different light sources using fire projectiles. Everything was going fine except now for some reason...
  13. KrimsonKatt

    How to Add Perimeters to User when the Target isn't the User

    Hello, DewottKid (also known as KrimsonKatt) here. I have been having problems for a long time with certain skills. Let's say I want to make a skill that damages a enemy but also raises the user's speed. How exactly do I do that? I'm afraid if I add perimeters to the actual skill that those...
  14. Galv's Map Projectiles

    Hello all, I have a bit of a predicament. I am trying to make a puzzle game where the player shoots fire, and I'm using the plugin Galv's Map Projectiles to accomplish this, and although I almost have it doing what I want, the issue right now is it takes more than one press of the enter button...
  15. ForestLogic

    Game refuses to update Galv's pixelmove plugin to 1.2. HELP.

    So I realized after 6 months I've been using v1.0 of Galv's pixelmove plugin. I wanted to update it to the latest version, 1.2, to fix the issue with Move Event movement. Problem is, no matter what I do, my game refuses to update the plugin in-program. I've downloaded the updated version twice...
  16. JRand

    Game broken after automatic updates to 1.6.2.

    Hello, everyone. I was working on my game back in late November and early December. I had updated to the most recent version at that time and everything worked perfectly. Now, however, I've returned to my game, and it's been updated to the newest version, and my game is choppy and laggy. I...
  17. atoms

    Encrypt Plugins/Few Resources Only?

    I'm planning to make an Adventure/Exploring type of game in RPG Maker MV. I think I'd like it to be unencrypted. Almost everything is fine since it'll mostly be entirely RTP and etc. The only problem is, I may decide to use a plugin I purchased. I don't want everyone to be able to open the...
  18. Raiken505

    How does Yanfly's Quest Journal work?

    I'm trying to setup Yanfly's Quest Journal onto my game, and I'm just confused as hell, that is because while I have some exp with RPG Makers, I'm completely noob when it comes to plugins and scripts and coding and all that stuff. It's annoying when these authors write their instructions in way...
  19. Cole_Carbert

    Help editing a plugin? (Probably simple, but I can't understand code)

    I found a plugin that I really like that lets you display the HP bar on the map outside of battles. It fits in super well with my game and I can't find another plugin that works as well as this one does, but the creator of the plugin neglected to add the ability to hide it with an event when...
  20. Steam workshop mods

    Well I am new to this community and I would like if someone knows how to download mods and maps for the steam workshop. It does not work for me because I do not own the engine in steam? I would be also interested in map or plugin recommendations. Thanks for your time.

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