1. Mr_Mime_1983

    RMMV Job points not showing in menu

    I cannot get my job points to show in my menu. I'm pretty much stumped I tried Google multiple times looking for an answer and I see nothing relevant to my problem. I triple-checked if my plugins are in the correct order and they are and I even triple-checked if I have show job points in the...
  2. Mr_Mime_1983

    RMMV Help making sure an item is not consumed in less special conditions are met

    I am trying to figure out how to make sure an item is not used up if it is used on an invalid actor. I am using this plugin and I've got it to work as I wanted, but every time I use the item, it stays in my inventory. It would not use it up. I would like it so that if I use it on a valid actor...
  3. Flicker789

    How to include/show variables from Plugin into ingame?

    Hi guys, so I managed to create an "test.js" file. In this JS file, I have a function "function go(){ var test = "message";} My problem now is, I don't get it how can I show this content of my variable "test" ingame? Example: Hello $test how are you today? How can I print or show this...

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tfw you're turning old af concept art into a workable game asset (ΦωΦ)


Working on its arm and other leg. boy oh boy getting this thing to move is going to be *fun*
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Went to the doctor because I was actually sick and it was covered over with healthy people from a factory shift who all had to get negative covid tests to go back to work because one of their shift mates got it. Waited for several hours to find out that my low-grade fever, chills, light-headedness and fatigue were in fact covid...
And here I thought I've lost my music sense. Good exercise once in a while

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