1. Indsh

    Resize PNG

    I have managed to create a system that copy and pastes PNGs whist the game is running for effects I have coded successfully, now what I would now like to do is resize those PNGs. Any advise between Canvus and Pixi to make this happen?
  2. Yawgmoth

    RPG Maker MV Centering a picture on Actor Sprite while on a map?

    Hi all, I have a .png image with 225x63 dimensions. I am calling it using a plugin that activates a common event before a random encounter. I want the 225x63 image to be centered on the actor before the combat starts. I've searched the web and forums and have not found any way to do this. Any...
  3. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    Is there any way to designate a Base64 image string / data url as the image of an event? There are many posts about saving PNGs as Base64 data strings but I can't find anything about the best practice for loading them. I came across this post by @mogwai which shows how to use one for the...
  4. Trying to use switches, having trouble.

    Kinda a noob with this so not sure if I'm doing this right, or if you can understand my problem. But I'll set the stage: I want the start of my game to have two actors and ur character. When you talk to one actor I want the other actor to walk up to you, and the screen to tilt black. I want the...
  5. captainette777

    Do parallax backgrounds have to be in PNG format, or can JPEG work?

    I am converting files from VXAce to MV, I was wondering if those had to change too, and the Help file wasn't too specific.
  6. Rebellare

    PNG is too big, any update on JPG?

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong thread, pretty new as far as posting goes... Currently, my "pictures" folder is already 824MB with only a third of version 0.1 complete. If this keeps on, my game's gonna be over 7GB by the end of version 0.3... can't have that... I've tried the only option I...
  7. Juztsacki

    Custom Png files Coming out faded in Game? Why?

    I have a issue that been popping up here and there. Some custom images that I have made are coming out faded in the game or editor, even though in photoshop or in average view they are not transparent. How do I fix this or what can I do in order to make where its not going to show up transparent...
  8. Mooglelover

    Adding Monsters

    Hello, I noticed I can't add monsters to rpg maker mv for some reason. The images are png files and they have transparent backgrounds. I put them directly into the folder with monster battlers for my project but I still can't use them, they aren't even showing up in the program. Any idea what I...
  9. Help with a sv_enemie's importing

    I'm brand new to RPG MAKER MV and I'm having problem editing this sv_enemie. I've assured that it is png and it has a transparency, but when I copy to de sv_enemies folder inside my project it is not showed inside the software's database. Does anyone knows what is causing it? I was able to copy...
  10. the23rd Devil

    Trouble importing monster sprites

    I've been having some trouble with the color pallet limitations, and I thought i had it figured out. My method for importing customised content is to export one of the default ones, for example the dungeon tiles, convert it to RGB and use it as a template for the customized tiles, then to...
  11. Grayborders

    Parallax mapping file size issue.

    Hi i have a question. I recently started to use parallax mapping, i find it refreshing and amazing, but my problem is that all my maps are huge, hell even a small 166x100 map turns out to be a png file that is 24mb! and I was planing to redo my world map fully hand drawn, but with these file...

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