point and click

  1. Hyptosis

    RMMV The Prince of Landis (Blood Warning)

    A small-town boy learns from a nihilistic alien how to stand up for himself. -- Story 199X. In the town of Landis, Oregon, a young boy's meager life is forever changed by the dark influences of a strange visitor. Can Evan stand up against schoolyard bullies? Will he have the courage to take on...
  2. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin Zero

    A prequel to Snares of Ruin, showing the infection outbreak and other harrowing events over the course of 2 weeks leading up to Hank's and Gwen's arrival in the city. Follow the story from the alternating points of view of 3 ladies from the first game - Miroslava, Medina, and Alzyra. A short...
  3. eluukkanen

    RMMV RTS Tower Defense RPG - Don't Loot Back [DEMO AVAILABLE]

    The Last Treasure Chest They Will Ever Loot Life is not easy for an NPC minding his own quiet family life. In a moment´s notice, raiding party of heroes can barge in to your home, pilfer and purloin your life-long savings and children´s collage-funds. Not even the most remote locales are safe...
  4. Lakaroth

    RMMV Game Over Carrara 1.2 (PC,MAC,Android) free

    Hello there, here's something different from a classic RPG, a point-and-click, like Riven or Myst. This project is very particular, because it is set in a real city, with real people, citizens, who interpret themselves in a dystopian version of our town Carrara, (Tuscany | Italy). Carrara is...
  5. Kyuukon

    RMMV Room 42

    > > > You wake up in a locked room with five strangers. > > > > > > Something unknown lurks outside. > > > > > > > > > Will you survive the night? > Genre Mystery/Horror Adventure > Summary You wake up in an unknown place with unknown persons, only to find out there's a strange outbreak...
  6. WolfraverXemnas

    Escape from 2015 - Part 1 (The Beginning)

    -January 7, 2016- "I told you this would end badly... ...But you didn't believe me." "Don't you remember the story of the Dark Knight of the Soul?" "Yeah.. it's a creature that purges earthly treasures from the real world..." "And for some reason, it found it's way into 2015..." Synopsis...
  7. JapoZero

    RMMV Five Nights Aerscam Mansion

    Game Synopsis Characters Game Mechanics Game Screenshots Download Link. Hope you like it! Notify me if you find a bug or leave a comment if you want!
  8. lixerman99

    How can you remove point and click mouse movement in RPG Maker MV?

    Is there an in-software option to remove this or another JS script or something? Thanks!  Harry
  9. J_C

    RMVXA A Long Road Home - ON STEAM NOW!

    19th November, 2016 - STEAM GREENLIGHT CAMPAIGN HAS LAUNCHED! After more than a year, the game has finally reached its beta state, so the time has come to launch our Steam Greenlight Campaign. You can find all the details here...
  10. sapiboong

    [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo! (Finally released!)

        Presents...         Economic crisis is striking the monster world due to a group of humans called heroes who like to steal loot. As a result, job opportunity is pretty limited and many monsters become unemployed. Our main character, Hiyo, is one of the victims. His professor encourages him...
  11. Nuclear Mosquito

    Is point and click the run and gun of puzzle games?

    So I might have made a bit of a misleading title, but there is a reason for it. So for the past IGMC I've made a puzzle adventure game (Think very bad Secret of monkey island made in rpg maker) and I've noticed a peculiar thing. When it comes to these puzzle games a lot of designers tend to...
  12. ModusBestia

    Need help with Point and Click Adventure idea [ACE]

    Hi. This may not turn out to be a scripting problem, but I wanted to post it in here just in case. I have an idea for a point and click/cinematic adventure game in the vein of Snatcher, Policenauts, or Rise of the Dragon. Very story driven, almost like a motion comic with inventory...
  13. WolfraverXemnas

    The Portal (A NEW Mystery Adventure Game) - Chapters #1-3 Released!

    11/24/13 - Chapters 1, 2 and now 3 are Available! Hello everyone, For the past couple of months, I've been in the development process of creating a new Point-and-Click Adventure game series. There will be 25 chapters in this series. The first chapter, I've released is the called: "The Winery"...

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