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  1. Fring Frang

    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    Hey gang, over the past four years, I've bent RPG Maker MV into a 5-hour point-and-click adventure game built in collaboration with my Acadian hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia. Over 130 people participated in making the game, including over 100 voiced NPC performances, music for the dynamic...
  2. dyoghenes

    RMMZ LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure (Updated demo)

    THE STOIC OPPOSITION presents LAUDANUM - a Delirium adventure THE STORY One day a young woman wakes up to realize that his father is missing. As she founds out, his father contracted the plague and was transported to the local hospital, while she must remain in a quarantine. Avoiding...
  3. Fasoldgames

    RMMV BeetleQuest!

    Welcome to BeetleQuest! Beetlequest is an adventure\point & click game inspired by older games like King's Quest and Legends of Kyrandia. It is based on a children's books and fairytales, and it's main audience would be younger players. But I personally think it would be for all ages! :)...
  4. megumi014

    RMMV Uinua

    I decided to finally make a thread for my first game: Uinua. There is still a lot of work to do and the demo will most definitely take a while to come, but if I have the thread open I feel like I will be more productive :D The logo is most definitely provisional. An adventure game that...
  5. megumi014

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2. PEZ * The GUI elements and the Icons are from Александр Загорулько (I guess Aleksandr Zagorulʹko in latin alphabet). Requirements This Plugin was made with 1.5.2. version of RPG Maker MV. It might not work with 1.6.1. A new IconSet to...
  6. megumi014

    Point&Click Icon/Action Interface (Keyboard/Mouse)

    How to make a Point&Click action Interface. ... ... Hi everyone. This is a tutorial that will explain how to make a pop-up interface (f.e. “look”, “use”, “speak to”…) for Point&Click based games in RPG Maker MV through events (and a bit of scripting). There are many ways to make it: with...
  7. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin

    Features: A detective story with choice and consequence, set in a modern day urban fantasy world. 6 female characters to romance, all unique in some way, ranging from a sexy vampire to a cute elf! Build romantic or platonic relationships with the ladies in a variety of ways: dialogue options...
  8. Pinesal

    RMMV A Collection of Paranormal Stories

    UPDATED 8/31/17 Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Based on the book series "Bologna or Not?" This game has you playing as Patrick Muldoon, a freelance writer who experiences an event that leads him down the path of paranormal investigation. Explore the wilderness of Washington State and...
  9. Quigon


        A lonely songwriter finds himself marooned on a strange, dream-like island where anything appears possible. Sheet music rains from the clouds, the horizon fades into the sky, and the few inhabitants that he comes across speak in strange tongues and peculiar riddles. As the surroundings...

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