1. Poison/Regen Effect Relative to MAT/MDF stat

    I'm looking to create an equation or eval to place in the state notes so that when a regen or poison state is inflicted, the HP gained or lost is relative to an actors MAT or MDF state. Using the percentage based HP regen attribute is too overpowered for my game to properly balance and I'd like...
  2. Uzuki

    How to create a Regen/Poison status like the ones in Slay The Spire?

    Hey everyone! I want to create a Regen/Poison status effect like the one in Slay The Spire. The way it works in that game is that when you say inflict Poison on an enemy, the poison does damage depending on the number inflicted. So say you play a card that inflicts 5 Poison to an enemy. On their...
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    Two Same Numbers when States are Active

    So I'm not really sure where to post this but I am having a weird issue with my States, (Let's use Poison for example) and that is whenever I inflict Poison on a Enemy, this happens: Two of the same number and they both actually add up, so that was 26 damage when I normally wanted 13. I cant...
  4. atoms

    How do you handle Poison/Burn/Bleed states when applying them to both enemies and bosses?

    I'm just curious what other people do, since if we go by the basic formula in MV, I think it is Posion is -10% HP per Turn, and I find that's waaay too much on bosses for the same Posion skill that you use on the enemies. What I'm testing out lately is have four levels for each state. For...
  5. Terozu

    RPGMaker Basic Tiles

    So I made some basic Grass, Water, Poison, Dirt, Sand and Brush tiles. The water is slightly translucent, this lets you show a parallax beneath the image to give it a reflection like quality. They all autotile properly. The actual tile images are here: The tiles also include and utilize base...
  6. Nightblade50

    Poison deals too much damage to bosses.

    Hey. I have a poison state (like most games), and it does a reasonable amount of damage to normal enemies. But against bosses, it deals far too much damage. If I decreased the damage done from the state, however, the normal enemies would take too little damage. Does anybody know how I could get...
  7. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Red flash when poisoned (gone with yanfly)

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! So I've been using Yanfly's awesome Battle scripts and I've come to discover that the battle script somehow suppresses the red flash that appears on the map when a character has an ailment (poison, etc.). @Kes had requested a fix for this supplied by the...
  8. captainette777

    Using Yanfly's Region Editing plugin to poison a specific character.

    I'm having some serious issues with it. I want to make a tactics-type game where you move individual units around the field and fight. I'm trying to implement a function where you can get poisoned by stepping on certain terrain, and I would use regions to help with that. I bound Region 1 with a...
  9. Theguysayshi

    Decreasing Hp or Mp overtime in battle?

    In my game, I’d like to have a poison state that decreases Hp or Mp my a percentage every second in battle. So far, I’ve tried doing this by creating a parallel processing common event that decreases Hp/mp per second, but this only works outside of battle, I’d like it to work in battle...
  10. Lehla

    Enable Over World Death/Game Over

    Maybe I just don't know how to search for this, because I'm not sure what to call this thing and I get unrelated results from searching the internet. In my game there's an area of tiles that harm and sometimes poison the player. An occasional message pops up to taunt them, saying "You're still...
  11. Zacyiia

    Help with a Poisoning Script

    I am writing a plugin that will reduce the party's hp by 10 points per step If they should enter a map without the right key Item. What I plan on having this plugin check for is the following: -If one of eight map events are present -If one of these map events is present; check for one of the...
  12. RoadKillCandy

    Boat will turn but not move

    I made it so that my players can't walk on the swamp so i could use a boat on it but after using mv to set that as the boats starting point, making a new save of the game to test said boat i can't get it to move, just turn in the swamp. Also putting wood on top of the swamp like a dock, still...
  13. Sarafin

    Making an item that affects a specific enemy...

    Hey there! So I'm trying to make an item called "Rat Poison" that will only harm - you guessed it - rats. Any advice on how one could achieve such a thing? I was toying around with this last night with a friend, but it seems to still affect all enemies, no matter what we try to do. Basically...
  14. Riku_Masamune

    Help with states in battle Poison=/=Death

    Well, I tried searching in Google to see if this question had been answered, but no I couldn't find anything... BUT! Onto the question... Well, from the title it has to deal with enemies dying from poison. But is there a way to fix it to were enemies actually fade out when they die from poison...
  15. Talespinner2016

    Silly Newbie Question RE: Poison-like States

    Okay, so I tried looking in the manual, and I tried looking around on the forums, and I can't seem to find anything that addresses this question (probably because I am missing something so blatantly obvious that even having to ask is a sign that I deserve to be flamed, but I am hoping not). How...
  16. TriceratopsX

    Use 2 skills in one turn?

    So in my game there are three (main) types of magic, combat (cast spell, enemy takes damage) Curse (status debuffs) and Support (The White Mage stuff, healing and protecting allies) I'm trying to make all three viable options, and that means making the Curse spells not... Useless (Why inflict a...
  17. Indsh


    Very simple but I can't seem to do it. I want to change it so when you walk whilst poisoned it flash's green instead of red, also would mind changing how many steps till the effect takes place. Hoping I'm being loose and the answer is obvious.
  18. Broken_squirrel

    Non-Percentage Based Poison State Redesign?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post.  :P  よろしくお願いします I'm aware of the problems people have with the poison state. It's uninteresting in general mob fights and too effective on bosses. Instead of making bosses immune to poison is it possible to have a character take basic attack damage each...
  19. Servidion

    (Yanfly Plugins) Creating Poison State based on origin stats.

    So I an hoping to obtain information on two things. The first thing is how do I dictate that I want the origin's stat to be taken into consideration for the damage? The second thing is how do I force an element (eg: poison) for the damage dealt? I'm sure this is wrong since it doesn't...
  20. wrigty12

    Poison Flash on Damage Fix (Now with Customization!)

    TDW Poison Flash on Damage Fix - v 1.01 wrigty12 Intro - After installing plugins, I noticed that the typical red "flash" on a map when taking damage from states like Poison did not end up working. Upon research throughout the forums and internet, I could not find a fix. Thus, I created...

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