1. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Monsprites - Amethyst Version

    Monsprites - Amethyst Version About Welcome to the world of Monsprites! Capture and train your own Monsprite partner and enter the Grand Tournament to become the Monsprite League Champion! Surely it's that simple right? Or maybe not... Solve the adventure / puzzle aspects to obtain a strong...
  2. ShiningPhoibe

    RMMZ Undermon

  3. lightmagician60

    RMMV Dead Actor Swap/Switch

    i've been looking and it seems nothing exists that allows you swap out dead actors. couldn't even find a reference to maybe do it my self
  4. lightmagician60

    a Pokemon Style game

    i have a reference for 5v5 battles {i intend to do 4v4 battles} can any one point to samples/references to a SMT/Persona Type system {every mon has it's own Weaknesses} and a Digimon Species system {X deals more damage to Y reguardless of what move it uses} please and Ty
  5. RMMV Pokémon LOOKING Battle System

    I'm trying to make a battle system that looks like Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. It doesn't have to play like it, because it only really has to be used once, and will probably be heavily scripted, but it has to look somewhat similar. All suggestions are welcome, as I don't know a thing about how to do...
  6. HalcyonDaze

    RMMZ Monster Capture

    I've searched high and low, but there doesn't seem to be any TemTem/Pokemon-esque plugins made for MZ - even paid ones. Is anyone working on one, or knows of one in development? I'd be glad to support it.
  7. feverrin

    Help with a bicycle key item like Pokemon or Lisa the Painful?

    hello! i'm not very good with rpg maker but i've been trying to figure out how to implement a non consumable key item that will speed up the character, change the graphics, and be unequipped with a button :-D i've seen it done before in rpg maker games, but i'm having trouble myself. how would i...
  8. ItsJustAClint

    Creating a Pokemon-esque game in RPGM MZ

    Heyo. Clint here. I'm trying to like make a Pokemon-esque sort of game but involving people but I don't know how to actually like sort of make thing in RPG MZ. I might need help in actually finding out how to implement this in this engine.
  9. Am i allowed to make a pokemon fan game

    So I've been wanting to make a fan game for pokemon that just compiles alot of the things that I've seen online about people dream game or this they would love to see in a pokemon game but while reasurchibg this stuff i found A bunch of stuff saying it was illegal with I kinda knew but if I were...
  10. HalcyonDaze

    RMMZ MZ/Visustella-Compatible Enemy Catch System

    Looking for something similar to this: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/capture-enemies.55509/ I was originally going to see if it would work in MZ, even though it was created for MV, but it requires Yanfly Battle Core to function properly, and I am using Visustella's Battle...
  11. GamingPlusPlus

    Pokemon Resources

    I am looking for a load of pokemon resources that i can use for my game Resources---- *Pokemon Battler Img's *Pokemon Sprites Gen 1-8 (i would like to be able to edit them if i choose to) *Pokemon Animations(Moves/Attacks) *Npc's People Different from other games(just surprise me) *Npc Pokemon...
  12. shrinker1

    im new and need help with pokemon buffs

    Hi please help me i dont know where to post and need help with buff like Pokemon system. I have been looking for weeks to no use.
  13. JoaquinTrapero

    Trying to recreate Pokemon gym leader battle transition

    I'm pretty new to RPG Maker, started working on my first game a month ago, and I was wondering what is the best way to recreate the Pokemon gym battle transitions on MV. I looked up plugins for battle transitions, but the pokemon example seems a lot more complicated. I considered using a movie...
  14. Help with Scripts

    Hi so i'm new here but please bear with me :) So as many other people have done I am looking to re create Pokémon Fire Red with a few modifications. I've been messing around at first with maps, events and a few minor scripts. However I am now stuck on an area that is frustrating me a lot. In...
  15. topazlake

    New. Want to make something like Zelda 1 or Pokemon.

    Do you think it would be possible for a newbie to use RPG Maker XP while making own tiles for the world and own pixel art for sprites? I want to start making something like the first Zelda. It seems simple. Thoughts?
  16. MonsterCatcher

    FREE Pokémon-like monster catching game set in Zelda-like world

    Set in a medieval fantasy world, players will explore wild areas and dungeons, catching enemy monsters and adding them to their team to use in and out of battle, trade items and monsters with other characters to build friendships, and solve puzzles. There’s the main town, plus five small wild...
  17. Tramon81

    Choices with image and description of the options.

    I'm making some type of attempt at a pokemon mystery dungeon fangame and I'm looking for a choice layout that allows to see a list of pokemon to choose as your avatar and an image and description of the pokemon when the cursor is on it. to illustrate I'm looking for something like this.
  18. Yanazake

    A Pokémon themed project

    I was thinking about pokemon games made in rpgmaker, and went searching for materials and information. It's... fairly scarce, to my surprise. Thing is, we all know how nintendo is with fangames, and while I have an idea to make the game safer to actually exist, I still struggle with the things...
  19. Need help for creating Focus Punch attack, turn end events don't formulate damage???

    I don't know if this is a glitch in RPG Maker but I have it so that when A uses Focus Punch you choose a target and the move has increased priority so A gets state "Focus Punch" added to him at the beginning of the turn. If he sustains any damage at all during the turn it will remove the state...
  20. Ezpaguety

    Guide me to or please create a plugin for animated actor faces only for the main menu

    First time posting here, sorry if Im at the wrong place. The video speaks for itself I believe (RPGmaker MV) I need a plugin that allows me to have looped picture animations on my actor portraits based on the actors included in the party but ONLY at the main menu screen. If it could also have...

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