1. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    I'm fully expecting to get blown the F out but I suppose its time to pitch this and see how interested some folks would be. Whether its just general intrigue or wanting to help if they can. For the record no, this is not a typical Pokemon game. It takes place in the universe. That's all. Please...
  2. Pix3M

    RMMV Colony Gaia - Satirical Biopunk RPG

    Colony Gaia Warning: Marxism, undertones of social politics, some adult themes Colony Gaia is a satirical indie RPG taking place in a far future where genetically-engineered technology has become the primary form of technology of ordinary people. This is super early in development so expect...
  3. RMMV [IGMC 2017] The Ridiculously Unhinged Mutant President [Political Satire]

    The Ridiculously Unhinged Mutant President By Denne and MM Hi everyone, my wife and I made this game for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest. Synopsis: Take a satirical romp through the membranes, neurons, and synapses of the United States’ President. WARNING: Some may consider this a horror...
  4. Blackjack488

    RMMV Demo -- Champion of the Sun (contains religion/politics)

    Note: What this demo is is essentially a first draft. I’m aware that some smaller features are not functional yet, and that the artwork and music is largely comprised of placeholders. All of the above issues are simply because I lack the talent or time to make these things properly functional...
  5. Matseb2611

    City of Chains

    General Features  - A dark sci-fi set in a large, dystopian city.  - 4 leading protagonists, each with their own skillset.  - No levelling up or experience points. Acquire skill points by making progress and use these to learn new skills and passive bonuses for each character.  - Enemies can...
  6. Matseb2611

    Incitement 2

    Note: This game is a sequel to Incitement. There is no necessity to play the first game, since this game follows its own plot and also recaps on the key past events in a short scene at the start. However, if you have played at least a small portion of the first game, then it will help you to be...
  7. hian

    Witchborn - Remnants of Shahadrin

    Preface So, as my demo is nearing completion, I think it's time to unveil my new main project. I've been working on it for a couple of months now, taking inspiration from the old slogan used to describe the Squaresoft classic "Vagrant Story" - "Medieval Gear Solid". The keywords I kept in the...
  8. MyLordRobinson

    The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

          Coming Soon...  

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