1. Leokids

    What Is Better in terms of RTP For the Kids? (Poll)

    I Made a Poll of it.
  2. thecursedcometh

    Should I have a Study / Scan skill?

    I currently have a skill in my game that each party member has by default called 'Study'. This reveals the enemy's HP, MP, TP, and stats. However, I feel that it's a rather pointless skill. You can see the enemy's HP as a life bar above them, and I suppose it would be useful for the strategists...
  3. Finnuval

    Need help deciding a battler theme... Cast your vote!

    So I have decided to go ahead and make some front view battlers to be released to the community for free once I got a few of them done :D The first creature to pick a theme for will be this Goblin. I will then make several variations of it within the most voted theme and release those...
  4. Finnuval

    Frontview Battlers : Yay or Nay?

    So I personally prefer making frontview battlers - it's easier and I like it more (personal preference I know lol) but I'm wondering if ppl still even use them. Every request I see on these forums is for SV battlers so that makes me think there is no use in making my battlers public anyway but...
  5. Magusalfador

    Hi all! Simple question, how old are you?

    This with target audience purposes, thank you!
  6. Faye Valentine

    Maps: Simple VS. Complex

    "The necessity for complexity in maps has born from the lack of resources that RTP gives, failing to fulfill aesthetic expectatives of said maps." Okay. After something happened to me, which left me questioning myself in a lot of aspects, I decided to bring up this discussion here. And so, I'll...
  7. _Shadow_

    I need the community's opinion on something.

    I plan to make a tutorial that will distill all the knowledge gathered around our forum members, on copyright issues, intellectual property issues, what you should do, what you are allowed to do, what you should not do and stuff like that, with a lot of details, so people can be educated on that...
  8. VitaliaDi

    Question for Everyone:What do you look for in an RPG Maker Game?

    A lot of us here are game creators as well as players. I know lots of people, including myself, got into RPG Maker after playing a game made in it. I know that when I'm playing a game or looking for one I look for good graphics, either novel or just pretty in general. And I love a good story...
  9. CalebW

    Poll on Timed Attacks

    This poll is in reference to the plugin by @SumRndmDde : Time Attacks Clocks + Timed Attacks Action Sequences +Timed Attacks Core Between these plugins I have the closest way to having a "Legend of the Dragoon" Battle system, however... I wanted to see the communities thoughts. As I can always...
  10. Ryisunique

    Exposition in the Game or as a Cutscene?

    So, in one of the games I'm working on, I have this chunk of dialogue that happens when the Player enters a room, looks around for missing people, and then tries to text someone on the phone. Secondary character pops up on the TV and they end up talking for about a minute about what's happening...
  11. ougitou1

    Sims gba

    Firstly im ougi and id like that ask a question, among us developers. //link\\ Personally i loved the games and was very sad to see how much it was pretty much ruined after leaving the gba console.
  12. The Mighty Palm

    What makers do you use?

    As a content creator, I feel like I wanna help out as many people as possible. So I'm doing this little poll for reference. Answer all the makers you use. You can do more than one vote if you have multiple. Talk about your favorite, why you prefer it over the others. What do you like about...
  13. othman

    Anime Game New Project

    I I'm thinking about starting a new project, but instead of just going and making fan art anime characters and use like real anime names, soundtracks....etc. I have made a sample I would like for you guys to see it and give me your thoughts. Is the sample good and I should start going on the...
  14. KayZaman

    Traditional manual book game or in-game tutorial?

    Back in the 90', I have a NES and I played Contra, Mario, Galaga, etc. But unfortunately, I don't understand how to play the games coz' there are no tutorials. I played Tetris but I didn't know what's the goal of the game. Until I saw my mom played the game for long without 'Game Over' pop out...
  15. MRD256

    Your dream Superpower

    If you could have a superpower, what would it be and your reasons behind it? No limitations, it literally can be anything! (but don't troll us with something lame) For me, it would be Telekinesis. I could move literally anything! I can bind my foes in place, lift 10 ton weighted things with...
  16. CleanWater

    Name your Price for This Game!

    Watch the trailer and vote the price you would pay for this game! Note: It's not in English, so if you don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, name the price based on the appealing of the game for you. I included both USD and BRL prices (Steam Standard) in the Poll. My goal with this thread I want...
  17. BottleCapGames

    Nintendo Switch Discussion

    Hello everyone! So here we talk about Nintendo Switch Stuff! Or other Nintendo things! So chat! (Also, I'm a Nintendo Maniac. Don't mind me.) :kaoswt: Latest Nintendo Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Thread Favorite Nintendo Switch Game: Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild
  18. Skytor

    Poll for places in journey

    Check the poll
  19. Artificer

    Do you hate cutscenes in videogames?

    Do you hate cutscenes in video games? If Not: What is the best thing about them for you? If Yes: In which cases do you hate them the most? What was your worst experience with a cutscene in a video game? Thanks for your time. I like cutscenes a lot because they give the background story...
  20. MRD256

    Sci-Fi or Old Fashioned?

    Which do you prefer? Modern Day/Sci-Fi Themed RPGs (with machines an things of the sorts), or Old Time-ish/Medieval Fantasy RPGs (with no machines), or even a mix of both (where only higher classed nations can use machines) For me, I like Sci-Fi themed RPGs since they have cooler looking...

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