1. Jonforum

    Your Favorite Shop for Computing part (POLL)

    hi, Where do you shop, your Computing part equipment for your studio or work? If not listed, you can tell us. (Not local store) Thanks
  2. Jonforum

    Play with Mouse or Keyboard ? [POLL]

    Thank you for your answers . A simple study. You prefer games with only keyboard, mouse or pads. What is your preference ???
  3. Jonforum

    In a RPG? Do you have prefered sexes for story?

    Hello, just a little psychological study for rpg gamers? Thank you for your answers and the statistics for the community.
  4. Pierman Walter

    What do you feel about references in games?

    I put a lot of references in my game, but I try to do it as subtly as possible. Instead of referencing other video games and more modern works, I try to reference things like Goetic demonology, bizarre American folklore, and the Finnish army. Do you put a lot of references into your games?
  5. Dragon Brother

    Your opinion is requested.

    Greetings, RPGM forums I am here to ask You, the forumites, what they would like to see in this project of mine, the Armymen Tactical Role playing Game, this is just a poll so please message me with Your opinion or ideas and when I get results, I will post them on My page here at the RPGM...
  6. Pierman Walter

    Self Insert Characters: Good or Bad?

    I myself have a couple of side characters in my game that are based off myself and the programmer, and I am wondering what you think about it. I'm sure other developers with similar characters are curious too.
  7. Canini

    Unbeatable battles, yay or nay?

    You know the deal, suddenly the arch-villain or one of his lieutenants swoops down as early as the second town and beats you to within an inch of your life(but not kill you, for some reason or another). A way to show though gameplay how strong the villain is or cheap way to create drama? What is...
  8. WorldWakeSTU

    frankenstein code POLL

    the evil of a buggy script brought about by a freak of nature code, cue dramatic sound, Frankenstein tried programming. Frankenstein coding has been one of my learning tricks for figuring out what some of the scripts the community has released. while i hate to be that guy i have even had...
  9. byronclaude

    What is your SECOND favorite RPG Maker for game design?

    What would be your SECOND favorite RPG Maker engine of those listed, and why?  Why not your first, and what about it still makes it good enough for second?
  10. Arisa

    Do You like MV or VXAce better

    Its a poll
  11. JoePie

    <Poll Closed> Main character design change

    Hey guys, So, another serious problem with hideous character. After days of eating chips & watching Canada Master Chef, I think HotDog's design is not showing his background story and not hilarious abit for a processed food.  ;_; So I quickly draft out another design with actual...
  12. The value of single-target DEF/MDF buffs

    I've been pondering something about game design: the good ol' Defense/Magic Defense buff. An ability that, in effect, reduces how much damage a character takes from physical and/or magical damage. From Bravery to Buff, Shell to PSI Shield, almost all RPGs have some form of Defense/Magic Defense...
  13. Le Ruse Man

    RPG Setting Poll - What is YOUR favorite setting in an RPG?

    Hello people. Since MV came out recently, I got the itch to start another attempt at creating an RPG. So, I got curious. What setting is the most popular around? Is the all-time classic Fantasy setting still all that popular or would you like to see something a bit more original? Steampunk...
  14. Teivel

    Encounters! Your opinions.

    What do you think, personally about encounters? I want to make a large scale RPG Maker project, I am building the team, story and whatever currently (Not the project "Not Another RPG!"). I was wondering if you would prefer: 1) A well designed random encounter system where key battles were made...
  15. Kalin

    What are you looking for in a game?

    I seem to be reading a lot of threads lately about things games should or should not have (poor mechanics, good combat, best battles, red flags, beliefs), with many different opinions and tastes in the discussions. So I thought I'd try to distill those concepts into a simple poll. Since the...
  16. NTakamura

    How do I add a poll?

    How do I create a poll in my thread?
  17. NTakamura

    Pick the song that I will write next.(ended)

    The poll has ended with Space music being the victor. You can listen to the end result by following the link. Results 1. Slow Piano/sad = 6 2. Space music = 12 3. Horror music = 2
  18. Tralse

    Horror Scenes and Progression

    Hoping I posted the poll correctly :guffaw: EDIT: Anyone wanna give a noob some advice on how to post a poll? I'm stumped PS: I know this is probably not the right forum to post in, my bad :stache:
  19. Hi all! Looking for some RPG-based opinions!

    Hey all! My name's Coffee (not in real life- that would be sweet). I have a game concept in the works and was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me out by telling me all about their RPG preferences? Here's a link to the survey monkey survey, super easy to fill out if you feel like...
  20. Eschaton

    Map Exploration and the Tactical Battle System

    I'm experimenting with GTBS, but I feel like it may clash with exploration of maps.  Free exploration of maps is important to this project, which is supposed to be a balance of staff and resource management with an open world. Yes, I know that's really ambitious. What I'm asking here, is...

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