1. NTakamura

    Pick the song that I will write next.(ended)

    The poll has ended with Space music being the victor. You can listen to the end result by following the link. Results 1. Slow Piano/sad = 6 2. Space music = 12 3. Horror music = 2
  2. Tralse

    Horror Scenes and Progression

    Hoping I posted the poll correctly :guffaw: EDIT: Anyone wanna give a noob some advice on how to post a poll? I'm stumped PS: I know this is probably not the right forum to post in, my bad :stache:
  3. Hi all! Looking for some RPG-based opinions!

    Hey all! My name's Coffee (not in real life- that would be sweet). I have a game concept in the works and was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me out by telling me all about their RPG preferences? Here's a link to the survey monkey survey, super easy to fill out if you feel like...
  4. Eschaton

    Map Exploration and the Tactical Battle System

    I'm experimenting with GTBS, but I feel like it may clash with exploration of maps.  Free exploration of maps is important to this project, which is supposed to be a balance of staff and resource management with an open world. Yes, I know that's really ambitious. What I'm asking here, is...
  5. William MC

    Methods of travel? Pokemon/Zelda Vs Final Fantasy

    Hey there guys, today I come to you all with an interesting question on opinions. You see I was just thinking about how there are different ways to get around in different games. I've divided these into 3 groups, Constant World, World Maps, & Transporters. Now let me explain the differences...
  6. Zeramae

    Inserting a character's name

    I'm curious as to what the community thinks of the above question; is being able to name your characters a good or bad thing? In public I've normally seen people naming their characters joke names if given the chance in order for a good laugh. It makes me wonder, first of all, what drives...

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