1. Parallax Panda

    Wasn't there a SAMPLE GAME?

    I remember playing a sample game with the pop! Horror assets. It was a shot puzzle dungeon kinda thing where you went down into the sewer and were looking for your partner. I think you were a police officer, or maybe a security guard? It had some neat puzzle mechanics in it and I'd love to...
  2. Requesting for a Side Rolling Character Template

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV Art Style: Vexed POP! Style Description: I would like to humbly request a template of a character doing a Side roll, in POP! Style Please. In which, for Example, the Character is facing forwards, he Rolls to the left or right. I would need a roll in...
  3. Parallax Panda

    What to do for waterfalls?

    Since none of the POP! Horror packs come with any waterfalls (unless I'm missing something?), how do you guys compensate for this? Waterfalls are a staple in good RPG map designs and a very easy way to "prettify" forest and nature maps. So the fact that I can't find any waterfall tiles in this...
  4. Banquos Tiles'n'Sprites

    Hello there! I made some pixel-art resources that I don't plan on using anytime soon, but perhaps you would like to use them for an awesome project! Time Fantasy Sprites: Time Fantasy Tiles: POP! 8-Directional Sprites:
  5. mlogan

    mlogan's POP! style stuff

    Hi all! While recently looking for some things in some old files, I found some things I'd made while working on a game using POP! tiles. I wanted to share them here and am doing so with permission from Vexed, as a few pieces use edits from base material. (If anyone has questions on why this was...
  6. InnDreki

    PCH terms question

    I got slightly confused, am I able to slightly edit, or re-colour parts of this or the POP! City Horror tile set from steam to fit my game? There isn't much info at all about it on steam, and "edit for personal use" is a little vague. Just want to be clear before I buy the pack if I'm allowed to...
  7. Uzuki

    Rescaling POP! Tileset Ace to MV

    Hey everyone, I wanted to ask a question about the update to the Pop! Horror Tileset on the website store. A few weeks back I saw that the orginal Pop horror pack was updated with the tilesets and sprites scaled to MV size. The problem is that 1) I bought the ace pack on Steam and 2) I already...
  8. Lunarea

    Product Updates!

    Today, we've got some exciting free product updates for you. These updates are currently exclusive to our main store, but will be available on Steam in the near future as well. If you're currently the lucky owner of one or more of these packs, simply log into your RPG Maker Web store account...
  9. JackCL

    Pop! Horror City Additions

    POP! Horror City Pack Additions Terms on use: Free for commercial and non-commercial games but (!) only when you the ownership of licensed version of the original POP! Horror City pack by VexedEnigma.  Edits are allowed for personal use only. Sharing edited files is against the rules...
  10. RemonShimai

    Pop! Horror city door problem

    Hello guys! :) I'm making a game using the Pop! Horror City -pack (which is awesome!), and I ran into a little problem with the doors. I've nearly always used the same door event in my other projects without a problem, and the event itself isn't a problem in this case. I've also used In-Depth...
  11. Vexed

    POP! Preview

    Hey guys and girls! Hope all you Thanksgiving types had a nice one and are all getting in the holiday spirit. This was something I was hoping to preview around Halloween time, but things have been a bit manic so there was a bit of a delay. Still, rather than wait til next Halloween I thought...
  12. Vexed

    POP! Freebies

    Welcom to the Official POP! Horror City Freebies thread! Terms of Use - YOU MAY: Use in your Commercial and Non Commercial RPG Maker Projects provided you give credit (You may credit me as Vexed or VexedEnigma) if you own the POP! Horror City Bundle Resource Pack Edit...

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