pop horror city

  1. Recommend modern tileset for MZ/MV?

    Hi, I'm currently using Horror City Tile packs and curious to know if there any other tileset out there similar? Also, where can I find character assets that wear modern clothing? I'm finding it difficult to come across it.
  2. Dungeonmind

    Interior POP Tent

    Hello everyone! I am creating a HUGE game with the Pop Horror City Resources. I was wondering if someone could help me out with making the interior of the tent from the Slasher Forest Assets. I don't think you actually need the pack if you make from scratch and just use the general colours of...
  3. Sparky89

    Pop Horror tile pack - lighting

    Hello all, so I have purchased the POP horror tile pack and this comes with many images of lighting.. These were labled as objects for some reason, even when i stick them in the animation folder in my project I can't get them to function as intended. Here is a look at the image i'm trying to...
  4. Pop! Horror City Pop! Horror City Shaz's Lazy Tileset

    Hey everyone, I'm super new to RPG maker, and am learning as I go along. I've been trying to use Shaz's Lazy Tileset Script Files. I've tried to follow this guide as best as I can (https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/lazy-tilesets.36354/), but have had no success. I've copied the...
  5. POP Horror City

    Hi, I am writing to someone here who is informed about the POP package! Horror City character pack. I wanted to ask if this package is compatible with rpg maker mv and if in the package there were some kind of image related to the players (face, character, SV fighter). Thanks in advance
  6. Loppa

    RMVXA Town of the Dead 2.1 ITA

    ☣LoppaWorks™ Presenta Town of the Dead is a horror action survival horror game, created with RPG Maker VX Ace, with POP graphics! Horror City, and so many variations and some cautious maniacal care in the settings, soundtrack created by me, quality sound effects, with a proud real-time...
  7. KamiSawZe

    Universal Font Size Change

    So I love the POPit font that comes with @Vexed's Pop! Horror City DLC, but it's so dang tiny! It's very readable, but each letter ends up being a similar size to the resource pixels, so it creates a sort of disjointed resolution. I tried setting a font-size in gamefont.css, changed the font...
  8. KamiSawZe

    Can I use DLC on Workshop project?

    Backstory that's not important to the question, but I feel like venting: I own RMMV and the Pop! Horror City DLC through Steam.  I am currently using the Steam workshop (but with hidden privacy) to back up my work and so I can work on it from my laptop, my wife's laptop, and my work computer...
  9. Eff-n-Geoff

    A Little Problem with Trees

    Hi there, it seems i have always had a little problem with trees when using the Pop Horror City resource pack ... screenshots below So here are two of the same sets of trees starting to be tiled ... here is what happens if I arrange them in a pyramid ... I can't see why this would...

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