pop! horror city

  1. Paradigm Shift

    Game Thread

    Here is a link to my game so far. https://www.facebook.com/Safezonegame/ https://paradigmshift9.itch.io/
  2. Loppa

    POP! Horror City Speed Mapping Tutorials

    Youtube | Twitter Hi all, the series began on my channel, entirely dedicated to mapping (mapping speed) with RPG Maker VX Ace, the first episode of the length of about four minutes illustrates broadly how to create a small interior of a house of a town in typically American / Modern style...
  3. Lunarea

    Product Release: World History and Modern!

    We have a fantastic new product release for you all today! Egyptian Memories is the newest music pack created by JStewart, composer of the JSM Futuristic pack and JSM Party themes. With Egyptian Memories, the listener is transported to the Middle East - exploring the tombs of ancient...

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I have a riddle for you all, I wonder if you can solve it!

I stumbled upon 2 articles about why time goes faster as we age, and how to "slow down time".
Check them out, very interesting read. :D
Faster Time
Slower Time
Anyone can recommend a good gaming mouse? My mouse wheel has given up. Last mouse was steel series diablo iii edition (I know, it's been a while)
And then I figured out a way to doing a "regular animation" that's affected by PIXI particles. So now each frame of the animation gets particle effects. Soon my dreams of a world without QSprite will be realized. :kaopride:

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