pop up

  1. AgentN107

    I have 2 issues with my item pop up

    So I made a script that is a more simple item pop up of just being in a corner and the player can just go about there business it also is used for quests or whatever else. It is called through a script call that can change its Icon and its message the 2 major problems I have are 1 if it runs and...
  2. Aurom2014

    MV Damage POP UP issues

    Grettings, I'm having some issues with MV damage pop up, I was testing out my game so far, and found that "pop ups" in the first two sideview actors were kinda bug.. TOP Actor gets its "pop ups" behind him 2nd Actor (from top to bottom) gets its pop ups behind him and blurry, like it were...
  3. tale

    Balloon Display for Event

    Balloon Display for Event 2015-01-25 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction A balloon will be displayed on top of the player's head when they are in front of an event. Instructions: Comment <balloon id> on event Preview How to Use Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks...
  4. tale

    MPP_StatePopup for battle

    MPP_StatePopup - 2016/10/28 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview State icon will pop-up above the sprite when afflicted by status in battle. Features - Setting for pop-up time and delay time for multiple state. - State icon can appear on Actor/ Enemy if you want. Preview State...
  5. Poupouille

    Pop up an infinity of characters with a precise action

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year!:) I would like to make a character appear to infinity. To be concret, a infinity of rabbits coming out of the first hole to enter the second hole. So many rabbits that the player will not be able to pass because they will form a sort of an impassable barrier...
  6. DrakeLovesNekos

    Super Effective/Not Very Effective Pop Up

    In RPG Maker VX Ace I remember how a popup will happen saying "WEAKNESS" or something along those lines telling you that "ooh hey, this element works on this dude." but for some reason, I'm not getting that on MV. Help?
  7. LadyAdelaide

    Nursing Sim: removing medication from inventory when used

    Hey! I'm making a Nursing Simulator and I'm struggling with a key mechanic. After the player adds various "medicines" to their inventory as items I want them to be able to: 1. Go a patient, select the medicine needed, select the quantity needed and 2. Have those items and...
  8. How to make a pop-up window?

    Please help if you can, I am trying to figure out a way to open a small window in the upper right hand corner that can say things like: gained 10xp!  or, learned skill: literacy. Anyone know how to do this?  Thanks for any help you can give! using rpg maker mv 1.2.0
  9. Does a -damage popup- command exist?

    Hey guys, does something like a damage popup command exist? I use a "battler.gainHp(-50)" command inside a state, but sadly the popup of these 50 damage don't show up by default. To be more precisely: I use it inside the <Custom Deselect Effect> of the Yanfly's BuffStatesCore plugin. The...

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