1. AgentN107

    (SOLVED)Capability with pop up and item storage

    I am using Vlues Sleek Item Popup https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7350-sleek-item-popup/ now I have a mechanic where enemies pick up items and thought. the player can at least know when an enemy gets an item in a chest. so I have two problems one I can't for the life of me get this to pop...
  2. gsuk

    pop-up text events

    Hi all. I have been trying to create an event so that when a player approaches a door (to a shop, for example) a text box appears saying something like 'weapon shop' at the top of the screen. That alone is obviously very simple, but I'd like to set it up so that the player doesn't have to hit...
  3. Does a -damage popup- command exist?

    Hey guys, does something like a damage popup command exist? I use a "battler.gainHp(-50)" command inside a state, but sadly the popup of these 50 damage don't show up by default. To be more precisely: I use it inside the <Custom Deselect Effect> of the Yanfly's BuffStatesCore plugin. The...
  4. Hororo

    Importing to ace message system

    i would like to request to import this 2 scripts: (2 scripts because it won't function right without the other script): (demo above since it uses graphics in the message system) this message system does this styles: pop-up tail and message system above the player and the normal dialogue box...

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