popup damage

  1. Shuck

    RMMZ Damage Popup Size/Font Size

    Hi there! I am trying to solve my problem of being unable to increase the size of the digits in my damage popups. I am using Visustella's Battle Core, which does not supply any such way to alter damage popups. I was easily able to change the outline width in rmmz_sprites, but no matter what I...
  2. Geeguz

    SRD battle status customizer mark portraits as players in battle?

    I've decided upon using srd battle status customizer for my battle system and I have absolutely scoured the internet for a plugin so I can have battle text popups and possibly battle animations play on the player portraits and I cannot come up with anything. This was previously possible with...
  3. thenerdmansion

    RMMZ Text/damage popup on map for MZ

    Hello all. This is already a feature that exists during battle but I was hoping that I can like talk to an event and it’ll show how much HP they healed me for or also be able to type in text popup like “Gained lots amd lots and lots of HP”
  4. Kemezryp

    RMMV VE_DamagePopup + YEP_BuffsStatesCore; showing only one regen popup despite having 2 regen states

    Here I am again, I've been fighting this for some time already but it's too confusing for me. So, Buffs States Core by Yanfly allows you to create states with custom effects. I'm using this to make a balanced poison and bleeding debuffs. They both cause the target to lose hp but their formulas...
  5. TSR


    Author: TSR Download: TSR_MapPopups This Plugin allow to display popups on the map to show text, item, gold or damage. =========================================================== ToU: Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ projects, including commercials. Credit is required for using this...
  6. TSR

    RMMV TSR_Popups by The Northern Frog

    TSR_Popups.js v1.1.4 author: TSR, The Northern Frog FEATURES: Add 3 TP damage Types (TP damage, TP recover and TP drain) to skills and items through the use of Notetags. Provide MP Notetags too so that damage types can be combined. Add various visual effects to Battle popups such as...
  7. ovate

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    To use Damage.png in your game- Open your project folder > img > system > replace original Damage.png with file name Damage.png (one you plan to use) ---------- Modern, Futuristic, Bold, Stereoscopic, Spaced By: TYA Terms: Can be used for commercial and non-commercial project as long you...
  8. Ashtonion

    Need a script that shows popup damage AFTER animation.

    Hello I need a script that will show the pop-up damage AFTER all of the animations are done, for example when an attack that is targeted on all enemies, I don't want it to play the animation and show the damage separately, I want it to play the animation on each of them FIRST and THEN show the...

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