popup message

  1. figdor5215

    Lighting affecting a popup message script

    I have an issue with the popup message script I found. Im using Khas awesome light effects and the messages are affected by the effects as if they were treated as an element of the map and not the ui. How can I modify the script to change the "layer" it's on? Or maybe there is some other...
  2. thenerdmansion

    RMMZ Text/damage popup on map for MZ

    Hello all. This is already a feature that exists during battle but I was hoping that I can like talk to an event and it’ll show how much HP they healed me for or also be able to type in text popup like “Gained lots amd lots and lots of HP”
  3. TSR


    Author: TSR Download: TSR_MapPopups This Plugin allow to display popups on the map to show text, item, gold or damage. =========================================================== ToU: Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ projects, including commercials. Credit is required for using this...
  4. vFoggy

    Popup Message Windows

    Description This script allows the user to show popup windows with messages. By adding a \pop in the beginning of a message (in the events) the message will be shown as a pop up window in the top right corner. Wrote this script years ago and decided to finally release it. Screenshot and Video...

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