1. Poryg

    POR_Asset encrypter + decoder

    Plugin that serves to fight pesky resource stealers. Encrypt your game assets if you don't want to be relying on MV's default encryption. The encrypter can be used once and then removed, provided that you use it right before releasing the game. The decoder, however, naturally needs to stay with...
  2. Poryg


    POR_AutoSkipMessage, v.1.1.0 Author: Poryg Introduction I don't think I need to introduce this plugin. Its purpose is simple, but powerful. Skipping (or rather closing, but you can skip them as well if you read too slowly :D) messages automatically after certain time (or rather not necessarily...
  3. Poryg

    Extended text manager

    POR_Extended text manager 1.0.0 Author: Poryg Item, Skill, Equip, Status, Game End, HP, MP, TP, Level,... These names by themselves are descriptive enough to say what they want to say. However, RPG maker MV allows you to only have one definite name inside database. Which is usually enough, but...
  4. Poryg


    POR_extraEventPages, v.1.0. Author: Poryg Introduction An utility plugin for easier mass production of events. Features Take event pages from a dummy event on a dummy map and paste them on any other events. Bypass MV's default 20 page per event limit. Combine events in any way you see fit. And...
  5. Poryg


    POR_SaveCore, v.1.2 Author: Poryg Introduction A save core that gives user huge power over both their save menu content and their save menu appearance. Useful in combination with HIME_PreTitle events or other custom title screens, since it can really pump up the custom spirit of your game...

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