1. Looking for Busts/Portaits

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some Portraits/Busts for my Game, I already found some, but I'm still missing alot like the Evil-8 one, I also need to mention that the busts may be used in a commercial game. I really hope you can help me, MRColourblock. :)
  2. Evan Finkel

    Portrait instead of face in menu

    I require A script that can enable to show portrait instead of faces in the menu. Portrait size Width: 86 Height: 150 The portraits: Have a flawless day. ~ Regards  Justin Zalett
  3. Need faceset

    So what I need is just a face set with the following expressions: Normal, Sad, Happy (with as closed and smile). Here is the spriteset of the character. http://prntscr.com/3xprnc I don't need anything too elaborated, its enough if the portrait resembles the sprite and it has those emotions...
  4. Horrow

    Horrow's Resources - Update

    Hello,i'm a newbie on this forum so if i posted anything in wrong place please tell me. I'll post stuff i made / my friend made on this thread and sorry for bad english. (It's not my 1st language >.<)   You can pretty much use in many kind of game Credit Horrow Studio if you use it. Let me...
  5. Silent Darkness

    Actor 5-6 Insane Sprites/Portrait

    I am requesting a standard sprite set and portrait. It would be an insane version of Actor 5-6(Alice), essentially. I'm going to be using it in an RPG Maker project with a mild-moderate horror vibe to it.
  6. Tsarmina

    Tsarmina's Laboratory

    Good morning! Good night! Good anything-in-between! Now that I've gotten smart enough to resolve issues with photo uploading, I've decided to start a resource showcase! Though, as you may see, it's a laboratory rather than a resource showcase...mostly because I'm experimenting and you have to...
  7. Tigersong

    On a Mission

    Hi, folks. I've decided to do a project based on Knights of the Old Republic. Some I'm asking for one small thing at the moment- a portrait of Mission. Here's a reference. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mission_Vao
  8. Jory4001

    Jory4001's Resources!

      #Jory4001's Resources. 1.) I will be posting all my custom graphics here for all to use in any Non-Commercial game. 2.) The resources I create will all be for RPG Maker VX Ace, feel free to edit them for use in other rpg maker versions. 3.) Please give credit where due, and do not re-upload...
  9. Akaimochi

    Akaimochi's Creations

    Welcome to my RPG Maker creations! The main software I use for my digital creation is GIMP. Blog: http://akaimochi.blogspot.com/ itch.io: https://akaimochi.itch.io Terms and Conditions: Can be used commercially or for personal use Cannot be redistributed or resold as an asset...
  10. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Character, Portrait, and Face?

    I have a character that I made on a site but I need her as a child for my game can someone make me them please? Smaller but still looks younger. Thanks!
  11. Spicy5

    help making minor change to Script

    In the script Victory aftermath by Yanfly ( http://yanflychannel...tory-aftermath/ ) I want to know if anyone would know how I could go about changing the Picture of the character it shows to a Portrait picture. Because on this screen it shows the face face picture twice and I feel showing a...
  12. D4yz


    I'm in need of a Portrait. No rush, and whoever takes up the request I'd like to have do all the portraits for my project. That's asking alot perhaps, but I'm in no rush either. And my minor OCD would love nothing more then perfect consistency of style across all pieces. The style of work I'm...
  13. Marethyu

    Portrait Request: Beard & Beanie

    Hey guys! New here and I'm currently in development of a Two Best Freinds Play! Game. If you're a fellow fan, yo! Anyways, I need two portrait items and a sprite item. The style of the portait items would be prefered in VX Ace style. Sprite in VX RTP. The first two items I need on this...
  14. Tuomo L

    Young Brenda portrait

    I found this adorable faceset and charaset for young Brenda and would love to see a portrait done to complete this lovely set.
  15. Mephisto

    [portraitx4] Would like some help with 4 drawings.

    Good morning everyone... here i come with a very hard request... I have 4 drawings that i made for a proyect in course, the thing is that none of my team, or i, know how to photoshop them or something, so we could use the "digital" drawings. In other words... I have 4 drawings, and i would...
  16. Zaraks

    portrait request

    Hello, I want to request a portrait for this battler  (credit goes for cage chimera) I also have the face set for it.  (credit goes to cage chimera) So if you want something to do or just have time to spare, please help me with my request. thank you.
  17. Petrie

    Looking for credit info: Messy-haired blonde angel portrait

    Hello internets! So there is lovely bust of an angel. She has medium length messy blonde hair, and is wearing a black dress and gold cross necklace.  ...and I would really like to use this image, but when I was reorganizing files on my computer I misplaced (deleted? idk?!) some of my credit...
  18. Luomu

    Luomu's RTP portrait/face edits

    Some simple edits: Portraits: Feel free to use. Credits would be nice. I'll update when I have get myself together to make more.
  19. Petrie

    Edits from Petrie

    Hello all! =3   I've gotten so many wonderful resources I feel like it's time to (try) to give back! I'm still getting comfortable with gimp, so far I'm just editing/franken-portraiting... that might be what I stick to.   Anyway, here's my first success *made to represent myself* hopefully you...
  20. Spriteset and Portrait request - RPG Maker VX ACE

    I recently started making a project for someone as a gift and realized I have one major flaw: the lack of a sprite to represent their character. After a few days of trying to get what I needed and failing miserably... I thought it best to seek out help from someone with more experience making...

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