1. smh19294

    One portrait jacket recolor request

    I would like to ask someone's help in recoloring this lad's jacket to a generic purple.  The red elements of the jacket is what I would like changed please. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Korimax

    Modern Portraits/Bust Shots

    Well I am making a horror game (or at least I am trying to) and I was wondering if anyone knew of the location of some Modern Portraits/Bust Shots. Its for a noncommercial project, and if it comes with sprites it would be greatly appreciated. Or you could also point me in the direction of where...
  3. LordBloodySoul

    Ash Warrior Portrait Request

    Greetings, fellow RPG-Artists. I have a Request and seek help. In my RPG there is a special soldier Troop named "Ash Warriors" They wear dark armor in the shape of a phoenix. The color should be like ebony with slight red glows over the edges. The helmet covers eyes and nose with a beak...
  4. Dark Horseman

    (6/2/15) Dark Horseman's Art Suppository

    Update 6/2/15: Touched up Mira Battler since I felt I'm able to make her look a little better now. Update 5/31/15: Battler for Gareth complete. Comes in flavors of normal actor, helmeted, and larger-generic-enemy-soldier-battler.                    Howdy. Welcome to my gallery. There's free...
  5. Venere

    Venere & Marte's Resources

    Introduction Hello dear everyone from all over the world! Venere & Marte is a beginner artists team for RPGMaker. I would like to share our resources which we made for practice on this topic. I'm very happy if you like them. Thanks!   Latest Resources Streetlamps (25 July 2013) Sprite of...
  6. HaruAkira

    [UPDATED] HaruAkira's sketchbook!

    **Update** I've started my own youtube channel dedicated to art tutorials! This is my very first time lapse painting of Amon from Tokyo Ghoul! Please take a look. Really appreciate it if you could leave a like and subscribe :) Thanks! Just trying out my very first post and...
  7. Hororo

    Portrait editing/recoloring (kinda complicated)

    i would like to ask for help regarding with coloring portraits, basically this is my main portrait: http://i46.servimg.c...72/junpei10.png and this is the portrait i want to be recolored: http://media.photobu...sm_Ballet_1.png the reason i want the 2nd portrait to be recolored is so that the...
  8. thejamesmcornett

    Game Content Help

    Okay, I normally don't do public requests for personal projects, but I figure there might be a few who could use these as well. I had originally posted this in another thread, but it was suggested that I make a new topic, so that's what I've done. These would be used in "The Multiverse...
  9. Holder

    Holders Material

    Holders Material Terms of use   VX / VX Ace Characters VX / VX Ace Portraits VX / VX Ace Facesets *New* Battlebacks (More selection within the Gallery) *New* Battle Animations Ace Generator Parts Templates Cover Art Stock These are 100% unofficial cover art images...
  10. sabao

    Sab's Dump

    Herro! Hi, I'm Sab. I'm a fledgling illustrator that honestly only started drawing stuff regularly fairly recently. Prior to that, my work's been limited to scribbles on notebooks, test papers, and paper table mats. With crayons. For whatever reason, someone deemed me fit to work as a...
  11. Lunarea

    Luna's Character Workshop

    Welcome to my character workshop! Terms of use: Free for use in non-commercial projects with appropriate credits. Not for commercial use. I do not take commissions or requests - paid or not. Do not redistribute or post these on other forums. You can link to this thread, however...

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