1. Gravemaster

    Portrait Pop-up on Skill

    There's definitely something like this out there already, but I'm not getting any results from my search engine. Basically I want pictures (character portraits) to pop up momentarily when actor "X" uses "Y" skill, and only for that character (if there is a smooth way for them to do so even...
  2. ovate

    XP Cover Art Characters Set (Portraits & Sprites)

    With permission from khana chi, I'm sharing cover art characters portraits here along with the characters sprites edits. XP Cover Art Characters Portraits Drawn by khana chi One expression. There are 3 sizes inside the zip. Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them...
  3. Corwin_zx

    "Gobbo" NPC's portrait gen

    Hi guys. Some time ago I made a set for generating portraits of goblins, orcs and other similar creatures. Today I completed it with female portraits. To create a portrait you need a graphic editor that supports the PSD files or the magnificent utility Extended Generator by Schlangan. Read...
  4. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace; In need of a few small things

    To start: I would like several different things for use in a small project. This project will be free and available on Newgrounds when I'm finished. It's a small game (I'm aiming for about an hour of story content). Since there are several requests, I will make individual forms for each in...
  5. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats -MZ edition-

    Hiya, thanks for checking out my thread. :ahappy: I'll be posting bits and pieces here. For all resources here included, unless stated otherwise: - You need to own RPG Maker MZ. - You need to credit Kadokawa and me. Terms of use: - Editing is fine, as is sharing edits. - Commercial usage is...
  6. Restart

    Testing the waters, free to use portraits / facesets

    I've been working with a cutting edge neural network, and decided to combine it with photoshop to make a few facesets in rpgmaker format. I've kinda aimed for a scattered mix - I'd love feedback on which styles/faces people think are good or bad (or what they want more of), to try to dial in on...
  7. Seanwest21

    Actor Portraits in Battle based on HP Percentage.

    I don't know if anyone has asked. Since there are SO MANY REQUESTS I haven't looked through them all to see if this has been posted before. But my request is a FREE standard Actor Portrait in Battle Plug-In for RPG Maker MV. That changes based on how much HP your characters have left. I.E. Say...
  8. ??????

    More assets like MV's 'SF_Actor' busts??

    Hi, As the title suggests I am looking for information on how to obtain/if there are any - assets similar to those given in the 'ExtraAssets/pictures/' folder. All of these pictures are bust type images for actors, but not all actors are included... I am hoping to find more assets in this...
  9. Bust Portraits

    Hello, I heard about bust portraits and they seem really nice. So i would like to ask, do i have to create the bust portraits by myself or is there something that i can download that gives me them automatically..? Thank you
  10. Trelando

    Really Need Portraits

    Resource Type: Portraits Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Artist's Style OR MV Description: Hi! So, I am looking for someone (or people) who could possibly create portraits for my characters for my game! I have 10 characters I need portraits for, BUT I only need ONE done at the moment...
  11. Peindora

    Need help!: Replacing sprites in menu by character portraits

    Hello I wanted to replace the sprites with portraits of the characters in the menu of my game. The problem is: I'm a noob when it comes to scripting (and still fairly new to rmxp overall). I searched around the net as it's a rather common problem I believe. But I didn't find anything concrete...
  12. Vala

    Vala's Portraits

    Hi, everyone! I'm Vala, and I usually have fun making portraits. I know that I'm far to be a pro, but if someone likes my style, I'll be glad to make a portrait for him. Here is a sample of what I do: I have just a few rules to follow, if you want to ask me a request: The portraits can...
  13. Blair Pendragon

    Larger portraits for AltMenuScreen

    With the default plugin " AltMenuScreen" from "Yoji Ojima", and not yanfly and others who have created compatibility errors, does anyone know where I can edit it and or the .js files to allow for longer portraits I've made? The attached file should show the current size, and in the red box is...
  14. HexMozart88

    Portrait Positioning

    This may seem like a rather weird question, but when you draw your portraits for your game, do you usually like to have them looking directly at the screen as though talking to the player, or have them facing sideways as though talking to each other? I have seen both cases in RPGs (not just...
  15. Chorvaqueen

    Chorva's resource den

    Hello, I'm finally setting up a dedicated thread for my free resources. === Here's what I'm offering so far: March 2016 March 2017 Sprites
  16. Conditional Portraits Based on Character Clothing Choices

    Hi, all!  I've run into a problem, and if there's a solution I haven't been able to find it.  Basically, I'm making a social-sim game, and I wanted to include the ability to change your character's clothing every day.  The problem is, I use large portraits (Galv Message Busts), which show the...
  17. GameInk

    Looking for Commercial Use Content

    I've been looking around for quite a while now at fan made content to upload into rpg maker and a lot of it is really good except that in a technically 'commercial' game I can't use any of it if it doesn't say for commercial use. So if anyone has a website or creator that they like that's...
  18. DreamX

    Simple Battle Status Faces

    Simple Battle Status Faces By lolaccount   Introduction This is my 2nd plugin release. I'm a beginner. I plan on updating the plugin with parameters and some other adjustments later on. I am happy to receive any constructive feedback. Patch Notes v.1.02 - Added support for Yanfly's ATB v1.01...
  19. Michael Dionne


    Portraits 1.6 MICHAEL DIONNE DOWNLOAD (.js file): http://www.filedropper.com/portraits ------------------------------------------- UPDATE! For version 1.1 please head over here instead: http://www.filedropper.com/portraits_2 FIXED / ADDED: -Corrections in descriptions, with default values...
  20. Hollow

    Simple Message Busts

    Simple Message Busts v1.0 by Hollow Introduction This script allows the use of large portraits (busts) in place of facesets in message boxes. Features Easy to install, and easy to use. Show more detailed portraits of your characters. How to Use: Create a new script slot below...

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