1. Koshin68

    "Pixelated" Pictures/Portraits

    Hey! This is my first time posting so if this is the wrong place to ask this please be patient with me! I've put about 70 hours in tinkering with VX Ace and decided it's time to make a serious game with my own art. The only problem is, when I upload my portraits as pictures they become...
  2. Andinator

    [UPDATE 6/9] Andi's "RTP" Stuff

    In order of recency, so they get kind crappy at the end :) Newest: NinKen Punk Rocker guy Portraits: Sprites: Battlers tbh credit isn't really a thing with me. I just wanted to share some work. Do whatever you want with them. The battler uses Enterbrain's work as a base though.
  3. Noferatsi

    Help me find portraits and sprites for these battlers?

    Could someone please help me find facesets for these battlers? I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a few generators too.  :) Here's the site where I got the battlers, too. ^-^ http://cyanyurikago.web.fc2.com/material.html Thanks in advance!
  4. RPG Maker VX Ace Character Portraits Help Please?

    Hello there! :D I've been looking into character portraits for RPG Maker VX Ace on Windows, and have been a little befuddled that there are no character portraits for the original set of characters from the program (for example: there is nothing in the pictures folder for the original...
  5. DShroom

    DShroom's Characters & Sprites

    Hello All!   This thread is to provide character busts, portraits and sprites to use in your game.   If allowed I'd like to update this top thread with a full list of resources I provide.   (A note: I need a little help with the forum codes :S, how do I make a spoiler/read more thing?)   WHO TO...
  6. DShroom

    What do you look for in character portraits?

    Hello all. I hope this is the right section for this (I also hope the poll works HA). I'm looking to create a range of character portraits (headshots and busts, maybe even some full body images) and perhaps some sprites that will be free to use in RPGmaker projects. My question is, what do...
  7. Tecprincess

    Face portraits for sprites

    Looking to see if someone could make or know where a portrait for this noble is.  Also looking to have someone make one for this one. The hat has XII on it for information. Thank you for your time.
  8. FenixFyreX

    Fenix's Resources

    Fenix's Resources FenixFyreX Hi guys; here is a compilation of the resources I've made over the past few years; none are that great, but none of them are that bad either, so I figure'd I'd share them for those who do like them :) Big thanks to Grandma Deb, she provided links for some (read...
  9. Idril

    VX and VX Ace Busts

    Hello everyone, First off, I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this topic! As for my question/request, I was wondering where to get the RPG Maker VX and VX Ace busts/portraits I've seen around. I've found a few, the ones edited by Archeia, but I read somewhere...
  10. DShroom

    Can't get face to bust scripts to work

    Hi all I'm wanting that classic look of a bust then script, like the image below - I've tried both Fomar (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/files/file/32-restaff-september-2012-release/) and Galv's (http://galvs-scripts.com/galvs-message-busts/) scripts but I can not seem to get either...
  11. LuKo

    LuKo's Art Depot or something like that...

    I do some stuff...not anything professional, but I try my best... so...lemme just show a bit of that stuff TERMS OF USE: This is totally NOT for comercial use. (Cmon... if you REALLY want it.. at least negotiate with me via PM) Do not post it anywhere without asking first. (There's some places...
  12. Ruby

    Ruby's Art Kingdom

    Ruby's Art Kingdom   I have recently been trying to up my art game, and stop paying so darn much for quality art. (Not saying that people who do art shouldn't get paid!) So, I've been asking around for some of you to send me some characters to draw. Little did I know, so many of you would PM me...
  13. Shuko

    Need various portraits from facesets

    Hey everyone! I need help transferring some of the faces from the following faceset onto the portrait itself. I attempted it before, and it turned out blurry. I need this done for 3 different characters, so it''s a fairly large request. Any help at all is very much appreciated! Thanks! P.S...
  14. Pocketmole

    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    I've been skulking around this community for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was time for me to introduce myself with a small art post. One of these days I hope to paint a custom tileset,  but I've yet to find a good guide on how to go about it. For now I'm just going to dump a bunch of...
  15. Evan Finkel

    Original RTP portraits

    Sublime if someone can link me to original VX portraits including Ace's, since both of RTPs don't contains them.
  16. animesock52

    The Sock Witch's Cabin of Resources

      The Sock Witch's Cabin Welcome to the Sock Witch's Cabin where I will house a few resources! Things to know and Terms of USE Resources to come: Male Portraits for Modern Series and Working NPCs Resource Updates: Working NPCs added under Modern Series Terms...
  17. VX Ace Portrait?

    Hello, I bought the humble bundle for rpg maker recently and when I looked around the forums, I found that when you bought vx ace you would get an email allowing you to get bonus material that had the full portraits of the rtp characters.  I was wondering if i was able to get these as well...
  18. Shuko

    Need a Kiss Portrait

    Hey everyone! I'm making a game similar to the Fire Emblem series and need a kiss portrait for my main character. I need one between: And Any sort of help will be much appreciated. Thanks much!
  19. Dreamer

    Dreamer's Workshop! [Hiatus]

      Hey guys! Final exam week is coming and I'll be extremely busy studying, so I won't take any more requests for a while. I will keep doing the requests i've already got, but it may take a while. Thank you for your understanding! :)   Hi! I'm Dreamer, and I’m new here. I’ve been lurking the...
  20. Tigersong

    Feline faces strike your fancy?

    Hey. I'm in the market for feline faces, as the title suggests. Nothing fancy- just a portrait to go with the sprites I have would be nice. I'm not asking for a full range of expressions, though that would be nice. One picture per cat is fine. And so, without further ado, the sprites:

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