1. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Portaits

    Hello there! This is where I post my portrait resources. Enjoy!! :) Facesets Portraits ~Elicia ~Maria ~Nora Credit: leilaheliday              Enterbrain For non-commercial use.
  2. Coren

    Anime Girl RPG Maker Facesets

    I did some quick facesets for people to use. :) Please do credit me as Coren Baili if you do use it. These are not for commercial usage. I made them for a fun side project which I am not planning to release publicly as it is full of silly inside jokes and general spasticness anyway, so I...
  3. Zaraks

    Help with Portraits.

    Hi, I need some help with a few portraits I have, I want to add the emotions from these images  to these portraits  Thanks anyone who is willing to help me. ps. Credit for the images goes to Hermit crab.
  4. Lunarea

    Fantasy Hero Character Pack

    We have an exciting new product for you today! Fantasy Hero Character pack is a high quality and unique pack that is filled with amazing characters -- and matching resources! Character sprites, facesets, portraits and battlers are included in this set of 16 heroes, two for each class. Inspired...
  5. CrypticCuddler

    First Game: Busts or Face Graphics

    :blush:   So, I probably KNOW the answers I will get, but still want some opinions. I had thought previously that, yeah, the faces on the character generator in RPGMakerVX Ace isnt the BEST, but it's nice enough! And I've been working hard to make all my characters as different as possible in...
  6. Neverward

    ~*~ RTP Portrait Makeovers ~*~

    I've been having allot of fun lately using the VX portraits to Frankendoll a few concepts, and I thought I'd share! I'll be adding to this all the time so check back later if you want to see more! If you use these portraits, you must credit me, as Neverward, and Enterbrain. If you have any...
  7. Portrait Art Beginner

    ellow,again,M going to make my first portrait,but i doesn't know where to start like i mean how to make outlines how thick it should be real problem is i dont know what's the size of it your help is powerful enough for me thnx
  8. Want someone to do manga or ace run time package style portraits

    Hey,hi i want someone to do manga or vx ace run time package style portraits of these boy n girl leio or leo   age is twenty-six class is swordsman leio is the main hero of the story medy or melody  age is twenty-two class is grappler medy is leio's childhood friend she go with leio on...
  9. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources

    Candacis' Resources Since I love editing tiles, sprites and portraits, I thought I will begin sharing some of my stuff. I'd love to hear feedback. You can give me suggestions, too, but I can't guarantee that I will make them. I also don't like doing emotion sets, mainly because I'm really...
  10. Zaraks

    Request for 2 portraits.

    Hello hello, I'm here to request making these two characters into portraits. And if anyone would be kind enough to do it, I would really appreciate it. You are allowed to make them however you want them, as long as they look like the pictures. so your allowed to change the clothes, the...
  11. BeardBro

    Mac's Resources - Faces/Sprites/Portraits

    Hello, fellow RPG enthusiasts. You can find all of my resources here. I don't have a lot of material at the moment, though I'll consistently update this topic with new creations and edits. I hope that some of you will find good ways to put these resources to use. Character Sets Hal...
  12. smh19294

    Portrait/faceset Jacket Recolors

    Hey there. I am sorry if this is a large request or anything. I was wondering if anyone could recolor this portrait into 6 different colors.  All of the red elements are what I wanted colored Here are the colors I was hoping for. Anything close to these would be wonderful.  Thank you to...
  13. DigitalAdhesive

    DigitalAdhesive's Digital Art Pile

    Greetings! Last week when I started experimenting with creating my own character portraits I created a thread and just added a new face when I completed it, but I ended up drawing far more than I originally thought I would, so I figured it'd be best to create a new topic that I update...
  14. neko-nee

    RPG Maker VX Ace Sprites Request

    Hello! I am new to using forums, so please forgive any mistakes. Anyhow, I was looking for someone who would like to create some character sprites for me. I had considered going to project recruitment for this and including a huge list of stuff I would like to have in this game, but I wasn't...
  15. Leinkreig

    Battler Portraits

    Hey there! I'm here to ask for help again. So, jumping straight to the point: I'm trying to differentiate my battles' appearance from that of others in VXAce, so I've edited Yanfly's Battle Engine and Sykval's gauges so they work well together, only.. it doesn't look right with just the regular...
  16. Jesse - PVGames

    Free Sprites, Animated Battlers, and more! Updated 3/22/14 - Icon Set!

      Hello all! For those of you who enjoy the various Resource Bundles that Pioneer Valley Games has produced (you can view them all Front-View Battlers 1 through 11 If you'd like to support us, stay in touch, or just keep tabs on the latest resources we produce, then please visit our Facebook...
  17. GrandmaDeb

    Granny's Lists - VX Ace Portraits and Facesets

    RPG MAKER VX/ACE RESOURCES PORTRAITS and FACESETS Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted Terms and Conditions of the artists, and always credit those who contributed to your game. In addition, please respect the effort represented in the body of work...
  18. Maus Merryjest

    Emotion Portraits [Ace] Wanted

    I've sort of burned myself out right now and I'm suffering from some artistic exhaustion. I need emotion portraits of the playable/unlockable characters in my game, but right now I'm too drained and blocked to tackle it successfully. I've modified the portraits where needed to make them into...
  19. Sketcy-Sketch

    Sketcy-Sketch's Goodwill Shop II

    Welcome to my RPG Goodwill Shop II! There are Battlers, some tiles, faces, portraits--you name it!! And, all of it is free to use so long as you give credit! Plus, I'd love it if you would send me a link to your game project if you use my resources. That way I can support you! So, here are the...
  20. Scinaya

    Scinaya's Resource Mix

    Updated 7th Jan 2013! (cleaned 9.6.2016, YEAH STILL ALIVE ;>) Terms of use: Please credit me, Scinaya, Enterbrain and the rest of the people that are credited next to the individual pieces. The resources are put in two sections, free for commercial and non-commercial...

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