1. dreamfall887

    Could someone make me "damage" and "behavior" sprites please? ( ・ω・)ノ

    Hello everyone! I am trying to make the cutscenes in my game more engaging. So I wanted damage sprites, thinking sprites and arms raised out sprites for my main characters. MY SPRITES :) I was wondering if someone was interested in helping me? Thank you! :D
  2. Krystek_My

    More poses by Yanfly's Weak Enemy Poses

    Hi I am using static frontview enemies and I'm trying to make a way to change images when they are doing specific actions, like attack and guard. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and Weak Enemy Poses plugins to do it. But I need help with notetags. The example lunatic notetag from the...
  3. This kind of template exist ?

    Hi, i'm working at this moment on a A-RPG project survival i'm looking for character's fight template like this : (source : LPC unviversal : http://gaurav.munjal.us/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator ) where can i found taller fighting template for a A-RPG game ? il really like...
  4. MyNameWontFi

    [Yami's Battle Symphony] Battlers not posing victory and defend stance.

    Hello. I'm using Yami's Battle Symphony with Holder's Battlers Add-On. However, my battlers doesn't pose certain stances, which are victory and defend. I looked up Galv's and VE's animated battlers and they both did the victory and defend poses. I tried transferring script lines that made said...
  5. Extend SV-battle animation?

    This is my first post ever, so it might be placed in the wrong section. Anyways, I have a weird question. In side view, is there a way for me to extend animations? As in: Can I make my character stand in the Magic attack pose for longer, instead of him simply doing it for a second, before...
  6. Avery

    Killing me softly... - Down poses for MV!

    @Candacis had suggested something like that long time ago, better late then never, I guess ;3 For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly...
  7. Avery

    Do it, Baby! - MV Pose/Behaviour Linklist

    Everything is better when animated! So I gathered a list full of poses,behaviours and templates for both! Templates Avery - wheelchair and fishing bases Joey - emotional expressions bases Rachelsaurus - music animation and baby bases takenflyght - beer drinking and lute template...
  8. Shake0615

    Set Movement Route and Half-Poses

    So whenever I set a movement route for my characters, it always stops them mid-arm swing when the movement is over (see pic below). So far nothing I'm doing has been able to move the character to the middle, idle pose. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Crazy_Leen

    [Temporarily Closed] Crazy_Leen's Pose & Animation Workshop

    Hello everybody~ There are a few reasons why I'm opening up this workshop. Reason one being that I feel a bit restless most of the time, thinking I want to give something, like resources, tot he community but somehow just not being able to come up with something nice and kinda being stuck in a...
  10. Kes

    Anyone seen a sprite writing in a book?

    Somewhere I know I have seen a standing sprite writing in a book, but I have no idea where. Does anyone know where it is? thanks.
  11. Arisete™

    [Ace] Schala Battle (Idle Pose Help)

    Hello, I modified Moghunter's Schala Battle script to allow "_Dead" sprites. However, I don't know how to make a pose command for the Idle stance. Example: "_Idle"  I want to use a pose for when character's are on standby instead of them walking in place. - My Edited Version of the Script -...

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