1. Krystek_My

    More poses by Yanfly's Weak Enemy Poses

    Hi I am using static frontview enemies and I'm trying to make a way to change images when they are doing specific actions, like attack and guard. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and Weak Enemy Poses plugins to do it. But I need help with notetags. The example lunatic notetag from the...
  2. Matseb2611

    Matseb's MV Resources (SV Battlers, sprites, etc)

    Hi everyone! I kept meaning to start a thread for my MV stuff, so here we are. I have an old thread with a tonne of stuff in the Ace resources subsection, so be sure to check it out as well if you haven't yet. So in this thread, I'll be posting MV-related resources. A lot of these appeared in...
  3. wrigty12

    More State SV Motions

    TDW More State SV Motions - v 1.00 wrigty12 Intro - The database only allows you to have Normal, Abnormal, Sleep, or Dead motions on states. This allows you to access any of the available motions with SV Actors and use them with states. Features: - Adds the ability to have different...
  4. Quxios

    Quasi Sprite

    Quasi Sprite by Quasi No longer being supported by Quasi About This plugin lets you set up spritesheets how you want to use them. This means that you can have as many frames, poses, different amount of frames per pose, ect. For On map character sprites and in battle Side View...
  5. Rainette

    How can I use poses?

    Hello everyone !  ;) I'm a beginner in RPG Maker (well sort of, i already learn a tutorial for events) and I'm new in this forum so i don't know if i post this in the good topic...... I always see this kind of poses in the internet...
  6. MakoTorii

    Mack-style Sprite Poses

    Hi. I know there are already some topics about this but I need some other poses in particular... 1. Character is slumped on a wall pose. 2. Character stumbling backwards and landing on butt pose. 3. Character is "on all fours" pose (on his knees and hands) I hope someone can give me these...
  7. tpasmall

    Tpasmall's Editorium

    Ok, so basically I dabble in the editing arts. I've got some stuff some people might find useful so I'll put it all here! You must credit the original authors if you want to use them, I'm not worried about credit for stuff that's only been edited. Most of these resources are for my game, The...

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