1. Mr. Trivel

    Enemy Positions

    Name: Enemy Positions Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-11   What does it do? Allows to change enemy positions through adding tags. In case of multiple tags - tag at random will be picked.   Screenshots: Not this time.   How to...
  2. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Positioning Enemy Battlers

    Is there a way to position enemy battlers by pixel coordinates? Draging them around the screen thats a fraction of the size of the real battle window is very inaccurate and doesnt work right when changing the resolution. I have a monster that has additional parts you can attack individualy and...
  3. Misty

    Textbox position and size change - Besides top, middle, bottom

    Hello everyone, I need help making the textbox huge (Different sizes), transparent, at different positions, and still retain the variable option. v\[number]. I rather have it all be in one large text box. That way it will display all at once for my item amounts. I want the text to show on...
  4. Treegen

    Character Positions Help

    Is there anyway i can change the positions of my characters so they arn't so far up on the battle background? ive provided the scripts im using if that helps.
  5. sipac

    Untitled Project (Join now)

    Our game title has been decided but is staying under wraps for non-members of the team Game synopsis: Nigel is getting old now. He's been left to live out his final days in an old peoples care home. He believes his lover died many years ago and has dreamed of her ever since. Aged 75, believed...

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