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  1. Question: Is there a new RPG Maker in the making?

    I am considering buying RPG Maker MV. But I fear that in doing so, sooner or later a new RPG Making software will be released. If a new software does come to surface, will there be the option to upgrade?
  2. DoYouEvenFish?

    Looking for an artist, a musician, an animator and a writer

    I am currently looking for an artist, a musician, an animator and a writer for the project I am working on. Once the game has got to the stage where I am happy for it to be seen by the public, it will be put onto steam greenlight. So there is no definite pay (however if the game does make it...

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The Dark Toon art style is now available as Steam branches. (Both for the main game and the demo)
There are 2 versions. One only affects combat, cutscene, and portraits. The other one changes more.
So, technically, the game now has 7 versions on steam.
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