1. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV False Rebirth: Enhanced Edition

  2. Scribblestick

    RMMV Death by Wyvern - Playable Demo (Warning: Some religious themes)

    Death by Wyvern (Working Title) SYNOPSIS My name is Abigail. For a long time, I've lived on my own, fending for myself in the Citadel's Alleys. But some problems, you just can't face them alone. When the Angels came through Judgment's Gate, it came down to a cleric in training, a mall ninja...
  3. RMMV THE NEW US - An RPG inspired by games like LISA and OFF.

    THE NEW US DEMO SYNOPSIS TRAILER IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS Attributions So... yeah. This is a game I've been working on for more than three months now. Feedback, negative or positive is greatly appreciated. Seriously. You...
  4. autophagy

    RMMV The Farlander (+Demo)

    SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS SETTING DOWNLOAD LINK Soo, please let me know what you think! I would like to get some feedback before I spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction. Cheers!
  5. angrychill

    TRADE One Room - help needed!

    One Room (WIP title) A short text-based game !!DISCLAIMER:!! this game will mention and tackle some issues such as suicide, illness, and depression. Please take caution when reading or deciding to involve yourself in this project. Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis “One Room” (working title) is a...
  6. MadeBySaints

    RMMV Our Story: The Shelter

    Our Story: The Shelter The Shelter is game number one, of the Our Story series. Idealized by the community, and powered by RPG Maker MV! The concept behind Our Story, is that the community (you awesome folks) submit ideas, whilst the developers implement them. (We currently only accept Idea...
  7. Carduus

    A Different Clarity (contains religion, politics and sex)

    Cast down your eyes, oblivious, lightly shaded, Assuming the shape of a friend, you known to all men, yet Almost it bends our knees, such loftiness. Nothing in Your presence I know; but one thing: mortal you are not. A wise man could elucidate much for me; but where A God as...
  8. CharismaticGamer

    Shooting System

    Hey guys, So i'm making a zombie survival game and i have the map and everything almost done. I have the zombie stripes and more. I'm just missing a few more things. One of those things is having a shooting system. The way i want my shooting system is by making it shoot 4 directional. I dont...
  9. Matchitza

    Earth's Final Hope

    Earth's Final Hope     Hey there, guys! I used to developed Erudacia, which i gave up on. Now i'm gonna make a post apocalyptic game because i am greatly inspired by Fallout 4 and the Fire Emblem series. Yes i will be developing the game when i have free time. Here we go. Synopsis...
  10. trevers18

    Z [13+]

      Inspired by games like Until Dawn and The Walking Dead comes a game about survival in a world infested with zombies. When the world falls to pieces, survival is key. Every decision must be made carefully - one wrong turn can lead to certain demise. You take control of six plucky survivors and...
  11. Maomi

    The Legend of The Legendary Worlds

      The Legend of The Legendary Worlds The Legend of The Legendary Worlds is an action role-playing game created with RPG Maker VX ACE and along with many different community scripts created by other talented individuals. The game is currently under development and you are more than...
  12. mjshi

    Frog: An RPG

          Created in 4 days for the Golden Age of Game Mak event. The theme was cliches and subverting said cliches.   Is the game too hard? Discover all its secrets here:    Synopsis: Gamepage description: You play as a Frog whose presumed goal is the...
  13. L.W. Flouisa


    This is an early concept to the current game I've been developing. Synopsis Lalo and Cado go treasure hunting after dark, but when they go into the ruins left over from eons ago, they find technology beyond their wildest imaginations. The soldiers within are out for blood, but for what purpose...
  14. orochii

    RMXP Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

    AUTOR: Orochii Zouveleki (Muramasa) GENRE: Light RPG FLAVOUR: Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Sci-Fi ENGINE: RPG Maker XP STATUS: On development - Demo v2018 DOWNLOADS: Gamejolt DISCLAIMER:This game contains (or will contain) certain references to...
  15. Fernyfer775


    Demo v0.1 currently available for download! :D     Synopsis Every 1,000 years when the planets align, the rifts that separate the human world and the spirit world become weak. From these weakened rifts, the entity known as Calamity attempts to consume all life and send the world into an ever...
  16. Blah_Blee

    Empty 2 (Demo)

    Twelve years later, the boy initiates the plan. DOWNLOAD Be sure to play Empty 1 to gain a full understanding of the current plot. This version has yet to be tested thoroughly, so expect a few balancing issues here and there. I'll be sure to add more updates as time progresses with the...
  17. Blah_Blee

    Feedback on a Story and its Sequel

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking up a story for quite some time that I've already developed a game for it. But since there was no feedback on it, and the main focus of the game was the story, I'd be very thankful to hear your critique of my story: The game and its premise can be found here...
  18. esby


    XIX Antecedent is a modern RPG with exploration elements. This version of the game is a demo that acts as a prequel and aims of give a sample of gameplay elements found in the full version.   S Y N O P S I S   Nestled under the snowy peaks of Mt. Alasdair an eery stillness has befallen the...
  19. mrdied

    Race To Monument Island

    In 2035 came a time of disaster where storms felt parallel between the Northern and the southern hemisphere earthquakes , tornado’s and the most deadliest flooding. In 2075 the world became less terrifying but the destruction it caused was hindering our improvement in science causing our science...
  20. The Commander


    DOWNLOAD HERE: Introduction: As my first project with RPG Maker VX and my second RPG Maker series project, MutaOni is a rather unique example of an RPG (I've only seen one other like it on the Internet). Not to...

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