1. Seraphinth

    Butter churn - also potato crops please? [MV]

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Not 100% sure what this means....but MV RTP style leaning towards realistic I suppose? Description: A butter churn akin to the one pictured below the top of the base coming to about knee height so probably all in all about 1 tile high? Also...
  2. Whenever i add a new party member they're invisible

    They dont have a walking sprite, face,name,skills,nothing I can still move and use them but they dont do anything, I do have face class and walk sprites so i have no clue why the problem is?
  3. Charge Battle System?

    Is there a script that make your guy have to wait to attack and while waiting they can attack?
  4. Ying

    Ying's icons (+ FE staffs)

    Hello everybody, this is Ying, it has been along time.  I'm remaking my old icons and creating new originals. Cut the terms of use crap just remember to credit EB and my icons are free to use.            

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I have been listening to the new music tracks for MZ included in the sample game projects ... for way too long. Quite catchy!
Small rant: While using SRD Hud maker for a battle hud, I typed in the wrong script call and got an error, but then forgot to delete the piece that caused the error before closed the Hud maker and hit F5 to restart the game. Now everytime I engage in a battle my game crashes...
Would Jump into Javascript be best off continuing to break down the MV core files, or would people prefer a quick detour to cover everything that's changed in the core from MV to MZ?

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