1. Animals sprites, sewer tileset and battle animations

    Hello guys...I am just starting with sprite work and some animations using gimp...they look kinda cartoony...but I hope somebody appreceate them....feel free to use them and edit them anyway you like...giving credit would be nice (credit me as Diego Binder)...I don't take request as I am very...
  2. bonanzaa

    [RMMV] Potion/Elixir effect help

    Hello there. Am trying to implement potion/elixir system in the game, which does exactly what it needs to - various potions grant various effects. Though I've encountered a problem - let's say player can buy a very strong potion that grants them +1000 HP (a lot). Well now, player can just keep...
  3. Sajai-D-Halo

    Potion Problems (Fails to heal as specified in Effects Tab)

    Hey everyone, So I'm working on my first project and I'm having issues with Healing/Recovery items in my game. None of them heal/recover the specified value that it says in the effects tab. I started to run battle tests to simulate this issue. I have a Potion that is meant to heal 50 HP...
  4. PixelGamerDev

    RMMV First Game

  5. Morpheus

    Heal over time for limited time possible?

    As the title suggests, does anyone know if it is possible to have an item, say, heal you for 50 health over 10 seconds or something along those lines?
  6. FishStickMystic

    How to make a potion with a randomized effect?

    Hey! So, I'm planning to make a potion that has one of many effects. I already know how to set it up: It's just that I'm unsure what to do next. Thanks! :D
  7. omega9380

    Variable use item

    I'm trying to create an item in my game that will recover a set amount when used outside of battle but when used inside battle can have a variance.  For example, the item would heal a steady 100HP when used from the main menu, but in battle it could heal anywhere from 80 to 120 HP due to the...
  8. Potreen

    Potion Icon on HUD

    I would think someone allready had a script for this but i can't find it anywhere online. If there is i am sorry about this post, please point me in the correct direction. I have common events on the buttons 'R' and 'F' to use health/mana potions. What i would like is to place icons on...
  9. ClockworksGod

    Animated Crafting Minigame Help

    So I'd like to create an animated crafting system that encourages the player to experiment with different materials in order to find new ways to craft things. The thing is, I want this to be very visually natural and tactile, not something done through menus. The idea I had was for a potion...
  10. Tigersong

    Have bottle, get potion

    Hello, fellow gamemakers. I have a few questions about an event I'm making. First of all, I want to add an item only if a key item is present (if player has an empty bottle, add "spring water" to their inventory). I can have the event check for the bottle, but there's a problem. I've set up a...
  11. mike9168422

    Potion, please help.

    Im trying to create a Potion of Fire Resistance that does exactly what the name implies. Would anyone know how I can do this. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. henning

    How to give a potion....

    I hope this is the right forum for this? I like to ask you about how to give a potion to a friend. The party is of 3 or something. one is weak and is on the floor. one is by that person and waiting to give him the potion. player coming with the potion to give. I try to make it but there is...
  13. ZoroarX

    Limited Potions!

    ZoroarX here! Today, I need help because I don't want the players to carry 99 potions in their inventory. The max number of Potions will be 10 (because the recover a lot), the max number of Hi-Potions and Max Potions is going to be 5 (don't ask me why, just answer this topic). The question is...

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