pre title screen

  1. Legend20

    Adding a Movie/opening scene before the title screen?

    Hello! I really want to have a movie/intro/opening scene come up after the splash screens, but before the title screen. Of course, also with the option to skip the movie. I found this plugin online through YouTube, but the movies aren't showing up and I've tried many different formats, ect...
  2. MushroomCake28

    MUSH Plugins: Launch Scene Opening

    MushroomCake28's Lauch Scene Opening - version 1.02 by MushroomCake28 Introduction: When we start up any game produced professionally, there's almost always one or two scenes before getting into the title screen, if not more, often presenting information such as the game director, the studio...
  3. Custom Pre Title Scree

    Hello! I just imported a project from VX Ace to MV and was able to find plug ins to replace all of the scripts that I was using in Ace except for "XS - Pre Title." I basically need a way to flash a couple pictures and play a couple sound files before getting to the menu screen. If someone could...

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