1. Ludi_Tarantula

    (Late) Introduction - A small talk with you all.

    Hello guys! You may have saw us somewhere here, but mainly on the topic of our upcoming game "The Rebirth Of Franklin Albrecht". We generally are pretty unactive... So we thought we might say something more about us in an introduction post, since we don't share much content and are a sporadic...
  2. JesFang

    Hello World!

    I already made my first post but i feel like a presentation is in order I am 27 years old, to be honest i had this tools for ages XP, VX Ace, MV, VN Maker but as i tried and tried and going pretty slow i always ended up leaving every project i started (that and i procrastinate a lot... like...
  3. Kato-A

    Hello, I'm a happy artist ghost

    I have some time here, but just like a reader, now I want to present myself property My nickname is kato, I'm making a horror game call it Katos's nightmare I like to draw, write and make comic strips. (also have a fb page but is in spanish here) Well, I hope to get along with everyone, make...
  4. Let's enter in the community !

    Hello everyone ! I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for numerous hours, but I was in need of some ressources to actually finish a project. Being more skilled at story-writting and level-designing, I was in need of scripts and tilesets, which I found here, thanks to great members. Now it will be...
  5. Mauron


    I'm new!
  6. sebarz

    Introducing myself! Hello Everyone

    Hi forum! I've been posting some doubts but anyway, never is late to a presentation (is it correctly written?). I'm from a little country called it Uruguay and as you can see i'm not a native english speaker xD.  I've been using RPG Maker for long long time, since 2007 starting with...
  7. Hello!

    Hi! My name is Ivan and I'm a newbie. Yes, I am! I guess I will have to study Vx Ace, the base package, befor planning a game. I have an idea or two... :ninja: :ninja:

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