1. Black Pagan

    A Question regarding Commissioned Maps - Map Editing

    I wasn't sure where to post this, Its more of a question related to Price check on Commissioned Maps. But here is the question - i was going to make a post looking for people to edit some of the default DLC maps for me. What i wanted to know was : Do you think its fair to pay a lesser price to...
  2. TheDrifter

    YEP_SkillLearnSystem - Bypass class select OR Display JP left in skill price

    Hi, I'm using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_JobPoints Here is the main issue: The amount of JP you have left for a class is not displayed in the price window for learning a skill of that class. For example, let's say your character's current main class is Thief, with 500 JP left, and you want...
  3. Silva Barter System

    Silva Barter System - Version 1.0 Silva Introduction This plugin adds a new barter stat to your actors, classes, equipment and party that can be used to change the prices of items at shops. Features - Adds new barter stat to actors, classes and equipment. - Adds barter rate modifier to actors...
  4. tale

    Equip Optimize By Price

    Mano_EquipOptimizeByPrice - Version 1.0.0 (2018/06/22) Creator name: Sigureya Overview Optimize equipment by price with a note tag Feature Change the price of performance for optimize. Higher performance of the equipment, the better chance it'll be selected. How to use Use this tag in the...
  5. Narch

    DreamX_RandomPrefixesSuffixes: How to make variable prices in percentage?

    Hi everyone. I'm using the DreamX_RandomPrefixesSuffixes plugin to generate random suffixes for my items. Let's say I have 3 categories; Common/Rare/Epic. I'd like the Common items to be sold at (base price - 50%), Rare items to be sold at (base price ) Epic items to be sold at (base price +...
  6. Nightblade50

    I think this resource pack should be cheaper...

    Hey. :aswt: This is to Degica if they decide to change it... Or for any member to vote in the poll above... I think that this resource pack here~ https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/graphics/steampunk-tiles-mv ~is overpriced. I mean, the tiles are amazing, good character, all high quality. But there...
  7. GoodSelf

    A $1.00 Game

    Hello folks! While I'm working on my large, non-commercial game, I've come up with countless ideas for other projects. The idea is, to make a short, commercial game, and only sell it for $1.00 I want to get some community feedback  :D  here are some questions for ya! 1. How long should a...
  8. Soulnet

    Variable shop prices

    So I'm looking to have shops in say three different locations. Each location will have some items that over lap. We'll just call it Item A. So Scenario 1; location 1, Item A costs 100 to buy and sold to a vendor for 60. location 2, Item A costs 80 to buy and sold to a vendor for 70...
  9. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Item Sell Price

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Item Sell Price Created: 2016-03-15 Version: 1.0   What does it do? Allows to simply define item's sell price in it's note field.   Screenshots: Was too expensive.   How to use? Use the following tag for any...
  10. Quickdraws

    Changing upraded Item Price? Eval

    So been playing around with yanfly's item upgrade slots and I can't figure out how to change the price of upgraded items. Found this message on his site mentioning how a eval can change the price. "2015-10-17 at 8:56 AM Potions and such, by default, do not have upgradeable means...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Shop Tax

    Name: Simple Shop Tax Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-26   What does it do? Allows easy way to change prices for whole shop items at once.   Screenshots: Nothing to really show here.   How to use? Use the following Plugin Commands...
  12. Pine

    How much is actually an acceptable price?

    Hello guys! I'm planning to offer non-official resource packs made by myself. They will be composed of 8 characters each. Every purchase would allow commercial licensing at no additional cost. I have the mechanics very well defined myself. But I'm missing a fundamental aspect because I do not...
  13. Alistair

    Custom Sale Price

    ~ Custom Prices~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. I won't update this thread anymore. Hey all. I wrote this script when I wanted a special merchant in my game who travels around the world and meets the party at the remotest places just to offer them special items for...
  14. abluescarab

    Figuring out a pricing system?

    I've never been very good with prices, so I have some questions. How should prices be determined? Should I figure out what coin drops enemies will have first, so I can price items based on that? How should I price items of the same type? (e.g. wood sword => 10G, copper sword => 20G, bronze...
  15. Gump

    Weapon/Armor Price Adjustment Script

    Script Name: Item Price Adjustment Script Version: 1.0.0 Author: Gump (@GumpNerd)   Information: This is a small companion script to go with my upcoming shop system. They work together but neither is required for the other to work, so you can use this to adjust prices automatically of...

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