1. Goddiga

    Digital copy perk and an actual game price.

    Hello! I was wondering if you would normally set the same price for the digital copy perk (may or may not include other rewards) and a selling price on Steam or anywhere else when crowdfunding or not. What's usually the sensible choice or your suggestion and why? 1. A perk for digital copy =...
  2. CleanWater

    Name your Price for This Game!

    Watch the trailer and vote the price you would pay for this game! Note: It's not in English, so if you don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, name the price based on the appealing of the game for you. I included both USD and BRL prices (Steam Standard) in the Poll. My goal with this thread I want...
  3. CleanWater

    RPG Maker Made Game Pricing...

    So, I have no clue on how to price my game. I'm using RPG Maker 2003 and almost every RTP resource on it (with some edits), but the remake of my game is taking much more time than I thought it would take (specially the translation). I took already 4 months of work on the remake of the first...
  4. How to price a Tile set

    Hi I am a n Illustrator and recently I have been commissioned to create a tile set for an upcoming video game.The client asked for a flat rate. Since I am new to the subject matter I am not sure how to price my work to ensure "fairness". Any input about the matter would be extremely helpful...
  5. Dark Horseman

    Fair price for Battle Animations?

    Not something I've found talked about or offered: how much do people normally charge for battle animations? (both from scratch or tailored from existing RTP). I haven't really noticed any RPGMaker games that have bothered to add new animations whereas they've customized literally everything...
  6. abluescarab

    Figuring out a pricing system?

    I've never been very good with prices, so I have some questions. How should prices be determined? Should I figure out what coin drops enemies will have first, so I can price items based on that? How should I price items of the same type? (e.g. wood sword => 10G, copper sword => 20G, bronze...
  7. need to know the average costs of custom scripts music and artwork

    I've decided to try out kickstarter to get funding for my project what I need to know is the average prices for scripts, music, and artwork all custom in order to factor it in to the total costs of the game and get a more accurate idea of how much I need. This is no longer a small project I...

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