1. Kalombi

    Layoring got me ???? Help!

    In our MZ game, for the characters, our illustrators have drawn 2 block high images and parallaxed them in place of the normal pixel art sprites. They are two blocks high, in the 2 to 1 ratio, and made using an illustration software. But as you can see, the main character (the one in green) can...
  2. TheDrifter

    How do you change the order/priority in which Buffs/Debuffs are displayed?

    The States tab of the editor has a box where you can enter the priority for displaying state icons. (If Poison has a priority of 30, Blind has a priority of 40, and Silence has a priority of 22, the state icons of an actor or enemy affected by all three states will be displayed as "Blind...
  3. Narch

    RMMV MOG Char Particle Effects - Particles priority (layer) tied to event. Seeking help to make it independent.

    Hello. As said in the title, I'm seeking help from someone to modify this MOG script to allow particles to be displayed on one of the 3 layers, independently of the event layer. Plugin commands includes: "EVENT_ID : MODE : POWER : BLEND : X : Y : POSITION : FILENAME", but there's no option for...
  4. tammie

    Tile Priority for ACE

    Hi! I would like to request a script. There is a plugin here... I really want this functionality, but I want it for VX Ace. Is there an existing script for VX Ace that does that? if not, can someone make one for me? Also, I...
  5. Rink27

    Get Location Info Priority

    Hi. I have a scenario where two events can exist at the same location (not by default/initially) and I'm trying to use Get Location Info to identify the ID of the second event that is placed at this location. However, I have discovered Get Location Info prioritises the "earlier" event. In...
  6. Magusalfador

    Battler Priority (Below, Above) on Battles.

    Hi! Im using Yanfly action sequences and I want to know if there is a way to change the battlers priority mid skill? I mean, I want the battler run through an enemy and when the battler pass it it goes above (Infront of the enemy sprite) and when the battler returns to home it goes below (behind...
  7. sairus323

    Events can't go through each other

    Hi everyone! I'be encountered one problem: I'm creating a level where you must dodge moving events and some of them should move the same/similar/crossing routes, however the events, when they move into each other, are stopped moving... there are screenshots srom the editor and the game: The red...
  8. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Problem with event priority

    Okay so I made an elevator event and it works perfectly. However when I copied it over to another map one part of the event doesn't work. What's supposed to happen is that the player presses a button, gets in the elevator, and then the elevator automatically closes. But whenever I try to get in...
  9. Kevin Eontrainer

    Multiple Action Time does not ignore speed priority

    Hello guys. I'm currently working on a boss fight where the boss can move multiple times in one turn. I give the boss a move/skill that has a speed priority (I gave it 1000 in the 'speed' setting on the skills database) The problem is, when the boss can move multiple times (action times...
  10. Quite.Toxick

    Save the glove weapons! Plugin to selectively change weapon sprite priority

    Hi to all the scripters out there!  :) There is an aesthetic issue in MV I'd love to solve, but as I cannot script for the life of me, I have to rely on you guys. The problem:  Weapon sprites in MV always appear behind the battler sprite. This is fine for most occasions. If you want to...
  11. Quite.Toxick

    (RMMV) How to change sprite priority: SV weapon > SV battler?

    Hello everybody, does anyone know if there is a way in MV to change the priority of a weapon sprite, so that it appears in front of a SV battler? I specifically ask this for the glove weapons. The standard glove just looks ridiculous… a fist you hold with your fist  >_> I made a few...
  12. Otto

    Generic Question, Set Priority of images drawn with script

    Hi, i'm trying to grasp something about scripting (i don't plan of getting into vxa scripting now, but i'm just toying with it for a wile) i was wondering, how the priority (z coordinate, if we will, sorry i'm no scripter at all, i don't understand many techincal terms, so bear with me :P...
  13. simon23

    Map Tile Priority

    Hello there, I just played around with some tileset edits and have now elements that are placed over 2 tiles in height, so I can place them in front of things. It also allows me to walk in front and behind a certain object without getting a blocked tile. My problem now is that...
  14. Visual glitch when priority 1 or above

    Hello people from the RPG Maker forums, I hope someone can help me with this weird glitch I have. It started happening yesterday when I was busy with Pokémon Essentials in RPG Maker XP. After a lot of testing I figured out that tiles that have a priority of 1 or above...
  15. Kes

    Change priority with a script call?

    I have an NPC which, of necessity, has to be set to 'Below characters'.  However, during a set move route command, I need it to become 'Same as characters'.  I can't see an event command which does this, so is there a script call which does it? Thanks.
  16. Silent Darkness

    Moving events and event priorities

    I have an event that is activated by another event touching it. However, despite the priority being set to "Below Characters", neither the player character, nor another moving event can walk onto the event and activate it. I know it isn't activating, because it is supposed to make the moving...
  17. DShroom

    Event Move Routes over other Event Tiles

    Hello everyone. I'm having a little problem with a project. Basically I have a little girl character who for a short while will follow the player through a forest. She's set to be a bit slower, is not part of the party and I've just made her an event with Parallel Process and the move route...

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