1. StartTsu_

    [MZ] Looking for chained character tileset [CHIBI]

    I'm looking for character tilesets attached to chains that I can place on a wall, and I would like to be able to customize the stuck character.
  2. Looking for some new tiles (Blood, Road, Prison) - VX ACE

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: I have no preferred style at the moment perhaps sort of cartoony but if this request is accepted I will leave it up to them to decide Description: Hey I am looking for some more tiles to give my project some variety of environments...
  3. inventory confiscation

    Hello Everyone ! ( this is my first time using a forum )    i'm making a game using rpg maker vx ace and i'm on a part where the party get prisoned and i am looking for a script or something that makes all their items confiscated (inventory taken from them ) and after a while they will find...

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