1. Lunarea

    Learning Together

    Summer is winding down and there's a hint of autumn in the air. Students and teachers alike are celebrating the beginning of a new year of learning, and we want to celebrate with them. After all, one of the things RPG Maker and our community are known for is that they offer us an opportunity to...
  2. Lunarea

    Writer Mapping Contest

      Dear friend,   I pen this letter with great pleasure and delight, for I have grand news to share. Our kind and generous keepers have put out a call for the most talented of artists, architects and writers - an opportunity we must not miss! They should like us to fashion a brand new world, in...
  3. "The Sheltered"

    The Sheltered A Game By Benjamin Famiglietti Now Available on Desura: Questions/Comments:     One fallout shelter. Four beds.  Tomorrow they drop the bomb.  You're the man with the gun. In this post-outbreak world, where...
  4. Lunarea

    Artsy Mapping Contest

    Art by VexedEnigma That's right, folks! It's time for another mapping/screenshot contest. So, dust off those fingers and get to creating! This time around, we've got a little twist for you... Your map must include a visual resource you created from scratch - a tile, object or character. This...
  5. Lunarea

    Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest

    Spring time is upon us, and it's time to go traveling! Let's celebrate this adventuring spirit with a brand new contest. This time, we want you to challenge yourself. Create a new and unique map of the place your project's characters would visit to take a break from their current adventure...
  6. Lunarea

    Happy Holidays Event

    'Tis the season of sharing ... ... and our very talented staff would love to share some special things with you! Starting Thursday, December 20th at 8am PST (11am EST, 4pm GMT+0) we will be holding a holiday event. Like the 12 days of Christmas, we will be giving 12 special gifts - one new...
  7. Archeia

    Mysterious August Contest!

    You find yourself lying down on the humid grass. With a steady shake of your head, you look around your surroundings. It's almost morning, but the fog is so thick, you can't see anything. "Where am I? Where is this place?" Those questions swirl around your head. You turn...
  8. Lunarea

    Summer Fun Contest!

    Ah, summer! The beach, the water, the heat that demands icy cold treats ... It is a time of fun and a time of celebration. So, let us give our own homage to this oh-so-lovely time of year by pitting lowly mortals- I mean by encouraging our fabulous community members to take part in a contest...

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