1. Encrypted Game fails to load PNGs

    Hello, This is Layla @ Color Spectrum Studios, we are working on our game "Prophecy of The Color Spectrum" and are currently testing a beta on steam, the files in the game when editing fail to load unless both the encrypted and unencrypted files and apparently this is also present when...
  2. Help! Tileset turns invisible when used

    Hi. This is my first time making my own tileset and I'm running into an issue where my PNGs will load into the editor but won't actually show up when I place them down. The program acts like I put down a tile when, for some reason, it's invisible. I imagine it's "there" because it removes the...
  3. I am using Qabs, can I change the location where bullets are fired?

    I am using qabs, can I change the location where bullets are fired? The height at which the gun fires is too low. Is there any way to raise this?
  4. ItsSuzy

    Chrome Extension - "Your file couldn't be accessed" Error

    Hello, I've run into a big problem that I have no clue how to fix and it's been bothering me since it started happening last night. I decided to update my nw.js from version 0.29.4 to version 0.49.2, following the step by step guide in order to do so and everything seemed to have worked fine. I...
  5. Please tell me how to make repeated clicks happen when right mouse button is pressed

    *Sorry for using a translator. Press and hold the left mouse button to repeat input. But the right mouse doesn't. How can I make it repeatable when I press the right mouse button? *I'm using qabs, but I want to solve this problem because the right mouse button is a gunshot. I want to make a...
  6. The game does not launch

    I just got the program for the first time. Unfortunately, it does not start or it hangs at startup on the white screen. I start it via Steam, have tried it with the demo version with the same results and have already deleted the cachel and reinstalled can someone help me? (I have the same...
  7. I am using QABS and need some help. I want to make a recovery skill

    *Forgive me for using a translator I wanted to make an mp recovery skill for QABS. So I tried, but if you write a.gainMP(15) in this skill, it will recover, but it will recover only when you move to another map or press ESC to look at the menu. Even if you use common events and switches, it's...
  8. New events stop working entirely

    I saw that a lot of other people are having this issue, but mine is really an enigma. Suddenly, today after some point in time i can't nail down, every event i created stopped working entirely. yes, i made sure that is is set to below characters, yes, there is no second event page, no, i do not...
  9. Need help with bug!

    Hi all. I have encountered an unusual bug in rpgmaker MZ. That to hover the mouse on a button or any function it is necessary to hold it lower. Also some function screens are cut off.
  10. manusansz

    RMMV and installed summoncore but the plugin doesn't work (no error screens either)

    I'm having a problem with the srd_summoncore plugin, I put the corresponding command in the avilidad they don't work for me when the plugin is already installed, why could it be? Please help me and I had to let the game progress without because the game mechanics are based on this plugin I...
  11. CEO1234

    Problems with connecting an action to an entity

    I am having trouble connecting an action to an entity. In this case it is a sword taking down a shadow creature known as the Corrupt Being. I am not using a separate RPG battle for this. It is just a simple attack, yet there are a few problems with it. Firstly, I cannot interact with it from any...
  12. L-jun

    RMMZ Is there any way to get the array of armor ids for Player 1's equipment?

    That's the problem I've had so far I'm not proficient in scripting
  13. EniaCat

    RMMV A problem with QABS enemy system. (I have tried everything else...)

    Dear viewers of the forum, I have a question about a problem with the (Quasi) QABS plugin. I know that the plugin isn't supported any more. >_> But the combat is a big part of the game that I'm developing. The problem is that the enemy in the event doesn't die, even when I leave the map and I...
  14. SRD's sequence input 0 damage

    I'm using SRD's sequence input, following his videos and everything, but no matter if I press early, on time or late as suggested the damage I dealt is always 0 or miss, any ideas? Just below is the skill and plugin order
  15. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Galv Image backgroud problem.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of Galv plugins most of them work fine, the only one that doesn't work is the backgroud message which has a weird glich.I don't know how to explain it right but when I open the menu it looks like this error: failed to load img/system/ ms.gimg_(insert random number...
  16. AwesomeDog45677

    Setting up music to not cut

    I have this minor issue in the game I'm working on where default set battle music will play until the player moves past the "enemy appeared" text box, where it will then cut to the actual battle music set for that battle. Is there a way to stop the default set music from playing in specific...
  17. All good, thanks for your help :)

    Hi, I am trying to make my own game to steam with RPG Maker VX. My friends are getting this "RPGVX RTP is not found.", and yes I HAVE RUNTIME PACKAGE INSTALLED and sent to them My files looks like this: so everything should be there, but all my friends are getting this: Everything should...
  18. Parallaxing image suddenly cut off from the bottom

    Been recently working on a project for the past week and finally working on the intro cutscenes. These cutscenes are just text boxes, sound (music and sound effects), and a still image. I'm using a still parallaxing image as the still image for the scenes as the autrorun cutscene goes. All I had...
  19. TenraiEmiko

    What the heck? Party members do not even move!

    Basically when I try to move the player character around the screen in my game's playtest, the leading member of the party moves, but the rest aren't! Here's a preview: (Note: both members are using the NDS-styled sprite template I made) I even also tried the default bean-headed sprites came...
  20. RMMV Qsprite and Parralax help

    Qsprite doesn`t work even if I made everything correctly. Please help.

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