1. Problem with Khas Lighting Effect and Core Ace Engine

    Hello, I've been struggling with this problem for a while.. Since I installed Core Ace Engine, the window resized, but that's not the problem.The problem is that since the window size changed the khas script's light's ubication changed too. I've tried to change the sizes in the script, but...
  2. Furry Cat

    Activation Problem

    Hi there. I just installed Windows 10 and now whenever I open up RPGMakerVXAce I have to enter in an activation key? Any help please? Edit: Figured out I just had to enter my steam code.
  3. DaralisDEdolie

    RPG Maker VX Ace Playtest problem

    Hello, When i go to play test my game in RPG maker when i press continue in the menu on the loading screen i get the appearance in Photo A, When i go to leave a building in game after pressing new game i get photo B, Photos C, D and E are what the event commands look like. ONce in the game i...
  4. Blossom

    Help me please !

    Hi ! This afternoon I was working on my RPG Maker VX Ace, I saved and I close the program. Hours later I wanted to continue it and when I wanted to open the game file, instead of loading the project it wrote an error message ( "Unexcepted File Format" ). I tried to make a new project and it...
  5. Problem with script calling Show Picture with Wait Command in a While Loop

    Hello, I've run into a weird problem. I am trying to script call using the show picture command and the wait command in a while loop so that I can animate the player. I figured out how to code it, but it doesn't run like it's supposed to. The screenshot shows the code in question. It's supposed...
  6. Help with a sv_enemie's importing

    I'm brand new to RPG MAKER MV and I'm having problem editing this sv_enemie. I've assured that it is png and it has a transparency, but when I copy to de sv_enemies folder inside my project it is not showed inside the software's database. Does anyone knows what is causing it? I was able to copy...
  7. Error when characters move in game

    When I run a PlayTest, it loads correctly, I can click continue or new game. But when I either move the characters or open the menu, one of these two errors appears. Move: Cannot read property 'traits' of undefined Menu: Cannot read property 'params' of undefined I have tried checking my...
  8. redscores

    Weird Bug?

    Hello... I just tested something and found a really weird bug. When I start my game with playtest, it instantly starts the game. As in, the dialogue screen pops up but instantly presses Start Game. I checked if a button on my keyboard is stuck or something... but doesnt seem to be.
  9. Memento

    Switches and events have suddenly stopped working

    THIS POST HAS BEEN SOLVED, AND I JUST REALIZED HOW MUCH TIME I WASTED WRITING ALL OF THIS. Please don't laugh at me ;-; OKAAAYY~~ I'll go in-depth with the situation so that all you pro RPG maker users can help me to the best of your skill! This is probably something really easy since most of...
  10. File Scene and Saving Problem

    I am making a little tutorial game to show her how simple it can be to make a game but the problem I have is when I playtest and try to save the game cashes and when I try to load the save it says "Script 'Scene_File' line 241: ArgumentError occurred. marshal data too short." I haven't messed...
  11. Messed-UpSaia

    Help with event graphic problems?

    Hello! I'm a noob in xp since I recently moved there from ace because I thought I could create maps smoother in xp, but since I can't use multiple tile sets in one map (for snow field), and I needed a sign by some road - because the snow field tileset doesn't have it - so I just used an event...
  12. RPG Maker XP Problem playing game from program

    Clicking play game will ask if you want to save game which works but it will not play the game or load the window for it, but i can load it from documents with no problems.
  13. Messed-UpSaia

    Problems with saving. Please help!

    Hello! A noob here with noob problem. I've just started making an rpg (horror based) and so I watched one tutorial after another. I managed to learn but I have one small problem: The save. I'm not entirely sure why but first I made a cutscene about a girl chasing her dog, then after a few...
  14. Problem With Old School Modern Tiles

    I seem to be the only person in te world who has encountered this problem... Basically I've created a total of 15 maps so far with the Old School Modern tile set, the first 10 work fine but 11-15 are frustrating me. For some reason I can't move at all. The character just spins in a circle. I've...
  15. _Shadow_

    [ Shaz mouse script ] Requesting a small tweak - fix

    First off a huge thanks to Shaz and the rest of the people that made this script. You can find it here: It seems that using the script as a vandal can casue some minor but noticable issues. Pressing Z fast like an idiot to pass some dialogue boxes (who didn't...
  16. Aglowglint11

    Trouble importing Custom Tilesets.

    I've been having some problems importing Tile sets. I've been trying to import some more modern tiles for my project. But when I go and try to import tiles and use them on a level, it cuts out the tiles around halfway down. Why does it do this? Can anyone help? I'd appreciate it! :D I...
  17. Metropixel

    Problem with Khas Awesome Light Effects ?

    Hello, (I apologize for my very bad English, I'm french :3) So, here is my problem : In a RPG project, I'm using lots of scripts. Among its, there is Khas Awesome Lights Effects. I created a "Shadow Vision" : by pressing D, the screen darkens and light sources appears on NPCs. There are also...
  18. Revive spells not working on enemies.

    I have a very serious problem with my game. In the early versions of the game, enemies can cast revive-type spells on each other with no problems at all. However, for some odd reason, in recent versions of my game, any revival spell stops working with enemies, period. The battle log says that...
  19. Unwanted Sprite Movement

    I am having an issue with a sprite sheet I made. When the sprite is moving, it seems to jerk or slide around as if it can't stay in place.  I am not sure why it is moving like this, but if anyone knows of a solution, I would appreciate it. Thanks, and sorry if my question doesn't make sense(I'm...
  20. _Shadow_

    Problem on copying, more than one events, using Fomar0153 script.

    So I use this script... I call the method from the event using the Script Event command.  $game_map.add_event(10, 21, 9, 0) $game_map.add_event(10, 22, 10, 0)   I have the events on map with ID = 10 and the event ids are  021 and 022...

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