1. (Help) Battle not processing

    Hello there. So i am having a problem with the battle processing in my game. I have set up the troops that should appear as the player walks in the specific map, but the battle never starts. I have tried in a fresh project and it worked. I'm using a updated RPG Maker MV via Steam, but i think...
  2. Captain_Joshua

    Yanfly Armorscaling not working properly? Possibly ignores Damage Formula?

    I have added the armorscaling yanfly plugin to my plugin list, together with the damage core that is necessary for it to work. I have not changed any of the default setting of the plugins beyond setting a damage cap of 9999. However now I am running into an unusual glitch. As you can see, I...
  3. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] Issue with Show Choices and Galv's Visual Novel Choices

    Hey everyone! I seem to have some kind of problem with the show choices command and Galv's Visual Novel Choices plugin (LINK) where if I open any kind of menu from the choices and then close it, the choices text multiplies on the screen. HERE's what I mean. Not sure what is causing it, but it...
  4. Uknong

    Android problem

    When uploading the app, I cannot upload the app because the API level is 22. Pressing the Back button on the phone turns the game off. I want to change the Letterbox color to black. I need Android optimization.
  5. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] YEP Picture Common Events Issue

    Hey guys! So I have a two tile map for an event and the character. Basically I made the event show a picture and then through Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin when I click on the picture I wanted to open another picture or erase the current picture to see the one underneath. But no matter...
  6. Sajai-D-Halo

    Potion Problems (Fails to heal as specified in Effects Tab)

    Hey everyone, So I'm working on my first project and I'm having issues with Healing/Recovery items in my game. None of them heal/recover the specified value that it says in the effects tab. I started to run battle tests to simulate this issue. I have a Potion that is meant to heal 50 HP...
  7. Dreyliam

    I need help: Finishing the game...

    Unknow error i'm trying to release a Demo version of my project but, when i export(compile) the game from RPG MAKER MV some files are just deleted, like all the BGM folder and some plugins files... i'm using the "Website 2 apk" to make the demo version for Android. i don't have idea what are...
  8. Always play event

    Hi Guys! I have the problem, that events happen only once. And my question is, how can i make that events always are playing? thanks if someone can help me! *SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH*
  9. EmptyVoid_

    [Help] Unsure on how to get this sprite working on RPG Maker MV

    Greetings, I wasn't sure where to post this thread. I looked through all of the categories and as a new user- I'm confused. General Discussion seemed like the right place to me as it's only something that requires a comment or two. Lets cut to the chase: I'm trying to get this sprite to work...
  10. Arkaik

    [Problem] Sideview Battler + Background

    Hi guys! I've been creating a simple project and stucked a little with a problem i think it might be simple to solve, but i don't know how. Here's the thing: I'm using Victor Engine - Battler Graphic Setup plugin and Thalzon's Battler, but i'd like do reposition the actors battlers because...
  11. Jzkann

    [SOLVED] Black screen on playtest

    Hello there. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I couldn't find anything else. Basically, I downloaded the free version of RPG Maker MV. I tried creating something, and then I tested. The problem is that, it showed a "file missing" Chrome error. So, I noticed I accidentally moved my...
  12. Is there any way to disable the turn toward player feature when interacting with an NPC?

    In my game, before you can talk to characters. I'm implementing choices that can make you do a variety of things to the NPC. Such as being able to battle, talk, steal, inspect what they are doing, etc... It's not a big problem but whenever you interact with the NPC they always turn towards the...
  13. Using drawPicture - it works, but not at first. I have to navigate to another screen and then back.

    Hey all, Currently adding some oomph (or attempting to) to my menus. I like using pictures, so I'm trying to do that. In most cases, it works fine. In some cases, there's a strange thing where the code seems fine, you open a menu, the window is shown and there is no picture. However, if you...
  14. Plyastudio

    problem with common event

    I have a problem with a common event. I'm simulating a battle and at the first time this common event works perfectly, but if my protagonists go into game over and I select to retry to start the battle again, when they come to this common event, all simply get stuck in the marked point (I tried...
  15. ishikyo

    Diagonal Flashlight

    Hello, I'm using this two scripts: TerraxLighting GALV_DiagonalMovement And I'd like to know if there is a way to make the light of the flashlight face diagonal when the sprite is facing diagonal. I need this because I have a diagonal charset and the flashlight effect is very important on my...
  16. My test game is not running

    Hello, I've encountered a problem with running my 'test game'. When i press on the test play button the window of my game will show up, with the name and picture, but the Play button is not there. (I sent a screenshot, it just stays like in the screenshot and nothing is happening) . I tried to...
  17. Parallax Panda

    Can't seem to open the Manual/tutorial?

    Okay, so I've tried to open both the tutorial and the manual inside the engine. But what happens is the engine opens a .TXT file with what looks like some HTML code (not a lot of it), and that's it. So... what to do? Is there an online version of the tutorial/manual maybe? Also, this is what it...
  18. contumaciousPhilistine

    Sudden Plugin.js Problem

    After closing RPG Maker MV, I tried opening it again later but for some reason Steam had uninstalled it. After reinstalling it, I tried opening my project and it said "Unable to read file plugins.js," despite me not changing anything in it. I tried looking through the files to see if anything...
  19. Eilwyn

    Need help with wide character sprite

    Hi All, So, I have a custom menu created using events that is a map all on its own. I'm trying to create a character to act as a cursor box for my menu. A snippet of what I'm trying to accomplish is this: Each node on the menu fits evenly into a space that equals 1 tile high and 2 tiles...
  20. Problems with making sprites

    Hey guys. I've used rpg maker mv for 1 week and I'm trying to make good sprites The problems is: I looked in the files and the door has 18 frames and I maked one test. So I used Asesprite and put 18 frames and exported it with 48x48 canvas and 3 columns. And I opened rpg maker and when I...

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