1. Sideview Battle Sprites are Invisible

    I don't know why the sprites are invisible in side battle. Both the actors and the enemies are invisible. Sideview battle is ticked, and I can see the sprites in the system. Perhaps it is one of my plugins that is causing the problem?

    hi everyone! It's the first time i post here, i need some help with a problem: I want to create a switch that activate a line of 4 fire torch, the problem is that when i light the fire i don't know how to make possible that the switch reverse the event, turning off the fire, Also is there a...
  3. [BUG] I can't change color of the second graph animation.

    The problem is that I can't change the palette of the second group animation with RPG Maker MV. In prueba1 I am changing the palette and click OK. In prueba2 the animation color still being the same. help please
  4. Psychronic

    Having a Conflict with Yanfly's Party system and Victors ATB system

    Hey guys I am having a conflict between Yanfly's Party system and Victor's ATB system. I can't use Yanfly's ATB system because I use Victor's battle motions plugin. In my game there's a maximum of 6 characters in a battle party, but more than 6 characters in your team (kind of like Suikoden...
  5. Dreadshadow

    Chrome and MV

    It all started from this thread and @mlogan's response. You see... when running this guy's project on Chrome, the error: Failed to load: data/Actors.json occured. And...
  6. Tohisu

    [RPG Maker MV]Software stops running when I select an environment

    Hello, I've been using this software for more than thousand hours, and I thought it was finally the time to upgrade my project a little bit. (Entirely custom all the graphics for example) I usually use way bigger chars / tilesets than what was planned by the software (48x48 pixels) Here is an...
  7. Captain_Joshua

    Help with Hair in the Generator?

    Nevermind. Problem irrelevant now.
  8. Praygon

    Resolution Problems with fullscreen across all versions of RPG Maker

    Hey everyone. I have a problem with RPg makers that seems oddly constient between games from almost every version of RPG Maker. When ever I fullscreen a RPG maker game with F4 or Alt + Enter the resolution forces itself into 640 X 480 (My native resolution being 1360 x 768) but rather than...
  9. Zino97

    Problem with the fall through setting in events

    Hi there so basicly i have a Event called butterfly it does nothing but looking nice and fly arround i set a moving route, above player, and the fall trough setting on so the butterfly won´t stuck colliding on other events or invisible ones so that they can fly through other npcs and stuff...
  10. Zino97

    Problem with a script

    Hey guys so basicly i have here a script that changes the window to a diffrent look than the default here is the script class Window_MenuStatus def window_height Graphics.height/4 end end class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase alias :mrts_mrq_sm_create_command_window...
  11. yomaniac

    Where can I get a LOT of Knowledge About Making a game in RPG Maker

    I'm kind of a newbie to RPG Maker in general but I know all the basics, everything the official tutorials teach me but what I find when I'm making my game is that there is many things that I'm not sure how to do that I've seen in other RPG Maker games. So for some of it there is tutorials on the...
  12. IkutsukiYuri

    How to change the size of MogHunter's Battle Hud for 1280x720 resolution?

    Back then it was all good until I decided that I want to make the game full screen so now everything's a mess I'm feeling so sad right now cuz I don't feel like I'm moving onward with the game ;_; I used the Community Basic plugin to change the resolution... And now I'm gifted with this... I...
  13. Unable to Install RTP Due to Admin Rights

    Hello, I bought this program (RPMVXA) on Steam and when I try to open it asked me to install the RTP. When I went to Install it I was unable to because I do not have Admin Rights on my PC. Is there any way I can get around this with a pre-installed RTP folder? I really want to use this platform...
  14. Bornstellar117

    Picture not appearing correctly; won't let met move (Bindpicturetomap)

    As the title says, I've used an image but it's appearing smaller (It's a photoshopped PNG, based off the exported map image) and up in the left corner, and it won't allow me to move. I'm trying to understand the "Bindpicturestomap" plugin and I recently got region restriction (I'm not using it...
  15. Marzanna

    Yanfly Quest journal plugin Problem

    Hi there, so I'm begginer in RPG Maker and java code, and usually I find the solution of my problem but with this problem I'm lost ~ So, I use Yanfly Quest journal plugin, and when I want click on "Complete" window I have this message from java. I download the plugin in Yanfly website ...
  16. Quanee

    SRD HudMaker

    Hi, I've just started using SRD's Hud Maker, and I'm having an issue. It doesn't seem to be returning any values. I'm literally copying everything he does in the video, yet all that appears on my screen is text alone. For example - in the video linked below he types in something as simple as...
  17. Variables

    Hi! In my game, I want tasks to work on a variable basis. So if we approach an innkeeper, give us a task like "Go there and there and talk to such and such a guest" then to the variable (let's say Main Task) adds 1. On the character that should appear only when the task is active I have set ...
  18. DarkySss

    POP! Horror City tileset is NOT WORKING!

    Please HELP! I have an RPG MAKER MV. And I have a DLC - POP! Horror City. I create a new project and want it to have everything from the DLC. I go to Resource Manager and import everything I need. SO. THE PROBLEM IS... I go to the img/tilesets folder in the Resource Manager and import the...
  19. Event not working/appearing

    I'm relatively new to RPGVXA. I bought about 2 years ago and only started getting really into it recently. I'm trying to create a scene where the protagonist (Octavia) is attacked by an orc, and then she's eventually saved by another character (Xander). Initially, the event was working fine...
  20. rpghexe

    I am having the worst time with an event.

    Hey y'all. so I am having an awful time with an event. What I am wanting to do, is have candles in the game that the player can pick up, place where they would like it, and when its placed it will be lit and give off a light source. (It's a horror game, and is very dark in some areas, and I want...

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