1. rpghexe

    I am having the worst time with an event.

    Hey y'all. so I am having an awful time with an event. What I am wanting to do, is have candles in the game that the player can pick up, place where they would like it, and when its placed it will be lit and give off a light source. (It's a horror game, and is very dark in some areas, and I want...
  2. My battle backgrounds are distorted

    So every thing is good apart from the backgrounds of my battle.They are all wavy and weird (see image below). Please hep me. (Im using VX not VX ACE. NOT ACE!)
  3. Parallax background following me.

    Greetings All! so i am relatively new to rpgmaker but even more to doing my own parallax backgrounds and such, so i got some help from youtube and figured some stuff out. now my issue is that when i want to add a door event on my house, so i do and add the correct transfer path in to the house...
  4. Lacanne

    Problem with positioning my battlers

    Hello evryone. So i have an issue that is probably simpel to solve but i'm so bad at scripting. My team is 5 people size. There is an event where one of the member choose only one ally to fight a boss. So it become 2v1. But then, the battlers are terribly positioned on the screen. Look at...
  5. Teuf

    Medieval: Town Bundle and Warfare Resource Trouble

    Hi, I'm new in the community and just bought the Medieval Town Bundle and the Warfare resources. I started setting the resources on the RPG Maker MV but I have a problem with the tilesets, they don't fit, I'll attach an image so you can see my problem, I don't know what I am doing wrong but it's...
  6. Mouse Bug since 1.6.1 Update

    when i click with the mouse at random places to the right end of the screen my character will just run off to the left for a couple of squares and then spam left right left right left right and stop... like if he doesnt know how to get there.. even tho the path is clear :( not 100% of the time...
  7. Bercikovsky

    Switch Party Member Problem

    Hello! So I have a problem. I would like make Switch Party Member System similar to Chrono Trigger. You know - I have four party members and few more members(collected durning game) waiting for me in a specific place, where I can change them one for one. I tried use 'HIME_PartyManager' and...
  8. megumi014

    [RMMV] Tile/Character Visibility Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the visibility of a tile in the map: I have the handrail on the "star" visibility and it cuts down the hair of the character when it walks down the stairs. Is there any simple way to fix this problem? I guess I could fix it with scripting/editing but I would like...
  9. Mikki-Chan

    Problem with RM2K fonts [SOLVED]

    I have a small problem with the fonts when making my own project in the RPG Maker 2000, the problem is that they look like this: when I want it to look like this: Can someone help me with this, please? thanks in advance ~ Oh, and forgive...
  10. Djentboi

    Chrono engine battle problem

    Hi so i downloaded Chrono engine and i followed this guide but when i start a battle, the battle engage but i can't attack the enemy and he don't attack me what did i miss ? I'm on rpg maker mv Thanks ;)
  11. Ypermat

    Special attacks do not appear...

    :kaohi: So... When I try to start a battle in my project, all work like I want exept specials attacks... I filmed a little sequence of a battle and as you can see when I select "Special" there is nothing. I can do "Enter" to do the special attack but when I parameter various special attacks I...
  12. Zheg

    Seasson Pass DLC 4

    So what happened with it? its been more than a year and they never released it
  13. Zheg

    Scene not defined

    Hi everyone im having a trouble with adding a scene to optionCore plugin of yanfly i want to add the monsterBook plugin of Mr. Trivel but when adding it, says Scene_MonsterBook not defined i got this when selecting the...
  14. Battle Background Problem

    I'm still confused on what's going on, but I'll keep this short. ^^^ This is what it looks like whenever a battle encounter happens to my project... however as you can see, it didn't take any background picture as the background in-combat. It just looks like what it was before the encounter...
  15. JtheDuelist

    Help! SRD_AutoUpdater Breaks Items!

    I am wanting to use SumRndmDde's AutoUpdater plugin to handle game updates, but it return it breaks all items in the game, making them always have a displayed value of 0 and are unusable where they should be. Does anyone have a fix for this? I am beginning to think it isn't compatible with my...
  16. fakusian

    I am having a problem before the fight, always starting again!

    I cant finish a battle! :< these are my plugins! i cant understand what is wrong here! i try turning off every plugin!
  17. ZackNH

    I need help understanding this script

    I'm new to the forum, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I've been trying to put stealth into an RPG Maker VX Ace game using this script by Jet10985, but I'm having trouble with it. For some odd reason, events won't detect anything directly in their line of sight. If I'm...
  18. I need help with the Yanfly_DragonBones plugin!

    So, I use this Yanfly plugin, which by the way is great, but by encrypting my project, I found the error below when entering the battles. That is, I deduced that it is the Dragonbones plugin. Could someone urgently help me? I need to encrypt my project, but this is preventing it from playing.
  19. _Shadow_

    How to fix most of the problems after an update on MV

    Most of the updates that come with an engine like RPG Maker MV (RPGMV from now on) will actually cause problems to projects in development. Since we had a load of Steam and forum request on issues that can be easily be fixed, by following the same simple steps, I decided to create a thread to...
  20. Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined

    Yush, i get just after new RPG Maker MV update this error: Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined I hear you can fix this problem by downgrade MV base script system or someting but, i don't want to downgrade my project or MV files, i just want to otherwise updgrade this project so...

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