1. (Help) Battle not processing

    Hello there. So i am having a problem with the battle processing in my game. I have set up the troops that should appear as the player walks in the specific map, but the battle never starts. I have tried in a fresh project and it worked. I'm using a updated RPG Maker MV via Steam, but i think...
  2. 22pepperjack

    Battle starting test command?

    Hopefully this is the right forum, and hopefully a fairly quick problem to fix. I'm trying to put together a common event that runs the moment a battle is initiated, whether that be randomly or by force. However since a conditional branch for "is battle processing?" doesn't exist, I'm not sure...
  3. AdamSakuru

    YEP Auto Passive States [short 'lag spikes']

    Plugin Link: I'd like to make use of Auto-Passive States for certain things in my game project, but I have a lot of stuff going on in my battles visually/with eventing. I think this, coupled with the amount of plugins I'm using, has all...
  4. hendryhu

    TypeError: cannot read property 'height' of undefined

    Hi, I am new to this forum stuff. This came up as I was trying to do a battle processing in a event in RPG Maker MV. I have no plugins installed, I even tried to delete the "Made with MV" plugin but it didn't work either. Thanks!
  5. Rink27

    Shop Processing in Bundles

    Hello, is there any script or eventing methods to enable shopping by bundles? Example: A) The shop menu either enables you to buy items in multiples of a number, such as 10 - Arrows x10 / x20 / x30 / etc    B ) or a set number above 1 - Arrows x2 / x7 / x13 / x25 / etc (Only one of...
  6. Felix Trapper

    Disable 'Page' button in Input Name Processing

    I would like to limit the Input Name Processing to just the first page of standard font characters. In fact, the font I'm using has none of the characters seen on the 2nd page, so when you click 'Page', it just goes to a blank screen. This looks really unprofessional. I would like to disable...
  7. Milena

    Update Process

    I am just wondering, is there a way to know how many FPS you're running into, or a way to slow down the process of all window / scene updates?
  8. Haofeng

    Script to pause event processing?

    Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm new to the forum, so I'll just give a small introduction so anyone who wants to offer help knows a bit about my skill and experience. I've been using RPG Maker as a hobby from about 11 years ago, starting with RPG Maker 2000. I'm very...
  9. Misty

    Help: Name processing font error

    Hello everyone, When the game begins name processing occurs, but there is just a bunch of zero's. There might be something wrong with the fonts. I'll add a picture. Thank you ahead of time. Edit: Thanks guys fixed it. It was my script.

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