1. Br0wnSyndrome

    ProcraftyNation's Weight Limit with Yanfly's Item Discard not updating weight.

    The functionality is all there, as the item does get discarded, but the weight doesn't decrease instantly. The updated weight is only shown when the scene is closed and re-opened. Any way I could make it update instantaneously, without having to close and reopen the scene? Any help for...
  2. procraftynation

    Procraftynation - Weight Limit Plugin

    Weight Limit Plugin 1.00 by Procraftynation Description Adds party weight limit feature in your game. Items and equipment will have weight properties. Features Specify weight per item. equipment or gold! Specify weight limit per Actor that will total to party weight limit - Constant or...

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Have a nice day!
It's almost 3 month and this piece of drawing is still not finished yet.

Really busy with other stuffs like commission and coping with personal problem.
Stella & Elyune, maybe used for promotional art if my game project finished one day.
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