1. tale

    Menu: Centered Title, Copyright Text, Save Scroll, Max Exp, Profile Scroll

    Centered Title Command Centers title command texts and 5 characters wider. Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Copyright Text Shows copyright text on the title screen (Under Constant, set your text for copyright) Preview Installation Paste this script...
  2. Roseredpinball

    How to make a profile menu?

    I'm not sure how else to describe it. I want to make a profile menu, similar to the one in Ace Attorney games, where you can look at profiles of various people you've encountered and see images/descriptions of them. It's for a detective game I'm working on. Is there a script for this or some way...
  3. Nightblade50

    Glitch with comments on profile posts?

    Hello. So I commented on another member's status. Some other people did so. And then I clicked "view previous comments". But when I did so, I got an error message at the top of the page. See the picture below in a spoiler. The text I clicked has a red box around it. (I edited it in GIMP to show...
  4. Speedvore

    Character Profile Screen (Image Based)

    Hi there, I have been searching for a plugin that works similarly to Social Links in the Dangan Ronpa (example) and Persona (example) series for the past year now. I am finally bringing this up here in hopes that someone will be able to create the plugin that would work with my game...
  5. Ossra

    Replace Method Issue

    I have been editing the default Window_Status code, removing the actor parameters and equipment to open up an larger area for the actor profile. The stored profile text is passed through drawTextEx which uses the convertEscapeCharacters function. Now, convertEscapeCharacters should convert the...
  6. Player-Profile Plugin

    Hello Community. Is it possible to do ah Profile Plugin ? Like in Moba Games (Leauge of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) ? Basically to use it for Actor 1. Which means, if you teleport on the Map, the Profile Actor isn't in the Menu and don't be a playable Character in Battles. It...
  7. pao_8d

    I can't do it by myself OTL (profile menu)

    Hello there! I'm trying to do a visual novel with dating sim game and, since I'm more a writer/artist than a scripter, I'm a total fail with the codes OTL Thing is, I searched all the internet looking for some dating sim-like scripts for my game, but I couldn't find anything (is anyone...
  8. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Can't see notifs / Edit signature

    Just a bug/error report I can't seem to change signatures, and like others (based on the profile feed) cannot access the notifications too. This is the error that shows for both of the situations: Thanks and regards! EDIT: The error also showed when I posted this thread
  9. Arisete™

    Removable Content?

    is it possible to remove some old closed topics from our own contents page? I find it quite annoying to have to scroll to page 3 or 4 sometimes to check old topics when someone else's or my old threads have been locked and don't need to be viewed anymore. In otherwords, Clean contents we don't...

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